Recruit Bravely - meet the international talents

Recruit Bravely (Rekrytoi rohkeasti) & meet international talents from the University of Helsinki

Does your company wish to internationalize but it’s unclear how to go about it? Do you find communication challenging? Do you have a multicultural clientele? Is your company interested in corporate social responsibility? Come along to the University of Helsinki Thinkfest to hear more about why and how you can recruit international talents!

At the “Rekrytoi Rohkeasti” or “Recruit Bravely” event you will find out what kind of expertise international students have and how you can co-operate with the University in finding the type of talent you are looking for. We have invited experts from Demos Think Tank and The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health to speak about internationalization and its benefits.  You will have a chance to meet some students in person during the networking part of the event. You can also just pop by to listen to the presentations and at the same time, check out the brand new Think Corner!

Time: 11th October, 15-17:30

Location: The main Stage at Think Corner/ Tiedekulma, Yliopistonkatu 4

Organizers: Career Services at the University of Helsinki. The event is part of Thinkfest.
Most of the presentations will be held in Finnish but the networking part will be hosted in English.

Additional information:
Facebook: Rekrytoi rohkeasti

Find out more about the International Master’s Degree Programmes and check out some of our students profiles here:

Topical themes right now which students at the University are focusing on include international business law and digitalization, Europe and integration, religion and conflicts, intercultural encounters and diversity.

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