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Sininauhasäätiö is working and developing ways to reduce exclusion. In Sininauhasäätiö we see person  comprehensively. This can be seen in how we meet, help and give peer suppot. Main task:

  • The basic task is to provide home and support for homeless people with substance abuse and mental health difficulties. In practice, the Sininauhasäätiö acquires homes and organizes the residents support for housing. In addition, the Sininauhasäätiö has a strong supported day-care center and work activities for homeless people or those who are in poor situation in their life. Nowadays, activities include also support for employment, immigrants and pop up- housing advice.
  • Defending the fundamental rights of customers is an important part of client work. A significant role in this work is also peer support and volunteering. Respect for others and acceptance of others is the basic for this work. The Sininauhasäätiö works closely with other partners, which are other organizations, companies, municipalities and other public bodies and parishes. 


  • The Sininauhasäätiö is an inspirational and a relentless defender of human dignity.  Values The Sininauhasäätiös values are  based on a Christian perception of an human being. Everyone's life is unique. Everyone has the right to hope, grace and forgiveness. Our job is to help the needy of the help, to act and to do this work bravely.  Everyone has hope, when someone cares  We are interested to offer many kind of voluntary work tasks for students. Tasks can be with homeless, paperless, new immigrants or drug users. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact.