International Business Law

Master’s Programme: Public International Law

Graduated: 31.07.2017

A young expert in international law with professional experience and solid academic background, including PhD. Areas of specialization/interest: international human rights law, constitutional law, the law of international organisations, international environmental law, international development, international business law and EU law. Main achievements: professionalism; excellent research skills; high proficiency in academic writing and expression; ability to work efficiently under pressure and meet short deadlines; ability to work independently and in team; innovativeness and ability to think outside the box; commitment to continuous learning. Values: integrity, progress, respect for diversity.

Language SkillsUkrainian (native), Russian (native), English (full professional proficiency), Finnish (professional proficiency), Swedish (limited professional proficiency), French (limited professional proficiency), German (limited professional proficiency).

Looking For: I am looking for opportunities to build a career with national/international company, international/regional organization, NGO or government. Types of employment: part-time job, temporary job, permanent position.


Master’s Programme: Master’s Programme in International and Comparative Law

Expected Graduation: 2017

I am interested in everything reaching from international transactions to mass disappearances of bees. In my free time, I do kayaking, oil painting and yoga. My focal interests and expertese is centered around human rights and minority issues.  I am skilled in legal research, constructing legal argumentation and accessing legal sources. I have also great presentation skills. I enjoy lecturing and discussions with people!

Language Skills: Finnish (native), Swedish (bilingual), English (bilingual), French (academic proficiency)

Looking For:  In the future I wish to work with tasks relating to human rights and/or international law in general. Especially I would like to work with minority issues, or with topics covering LGBTI-people, displaced people, ESC-rights and/or women’s rights. I am looking for full-time employment.

Master’s Programme: International Business Law

Expected Graduation: January 2018

I have a Master’s degree in law from the University of Bergen and have formerly worked in the Norwegian Competition Authority. Currently, I am a research assistant at the University of Helsinki, where I mainly work with IP and competition law. I am also doing project work for the Finnish Copyright Society. Recently, I have taken an interest in the relationship between technology and law.

Language Skills: Norwegian, English, German, Finnish, Swedish and Danish

Looking For:  I plan to stay in Finland permanently, and I am therefore especially interested in full-time work. 


Master’s Programme: Master’s degree programme in International and Comparative Law, specialisation in Public International Law

Expected Graduation: June 2018

I am a highly motivated soon-to-be graduate with years-long experience in the EU social security coordination area. A feeling of professional satisfaction encouraged me to take a step ahead and start my studies in public international. I am seeking a dynamic new position with a progressive organisation to build a bridge between academic knowledge and practical skills. 

Language Skills: Estonian (native speaker), English (fluent), Finnish (basic skills, ongoing studies), German (basic skills), Russian (basic skills).

Looking For: internship opportunities but I am also open to part-time and full-time job offers.ätlin-lohu-736323133/

Master’s Programme: Master’s Degree in International and Comparative Law, major in International Business Law

Expected Graduation:  July 2018

As a second-year Master’s Degree student, I decided to challenge myself with a more practically oriented course, Helsinki Law Clinic with focus on startups, apart from writing the Master thesis. My main areas of legal research are centered around Intellectual Property Rights and Telecommunication Law matters. Moreover, my studies at the UH are complemented by whole-year Finnish courses.

I have expertise as a Legal Research Assistant at the University of Valencia, Spain, where I worked on syndicated loan matters and related intercreditor agreements. Furthermore, during the summer of 2017 I had the chance to do a legal internship in a tech company in Finland.

Both my professional and academic backgrounds demand me ability for accomplishing tasks efficiently and under pressure, independent and team work, as well as self-assessment. Besides, I easily adapt to hectic pace of working environments and socialize with different types of people. I am flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn practical legal strategies. In my free time, I enjoy being in the nature, reading books and the time spent with my friends.

Language Skills: Native Bulgarian, professional proficiency in English and Spanish, basic knowledge of Finnish, Russian, French and Valencian.

Looking For: I am currently looking for master thesis positions or traineeship opportunities, with potential for permanence and progress.



As economic life is affected by globalisation, it is important for successful business law professionals to have extensive knowledge and broad understanding of international business law.

The International Business Law (IBL) programme is a two-year research-oriented Master´s programme where talented students are educated to become internationally oriented business law professionals who are well-qualified for careers in legal practice and legal academia/professionals.

The programme offers the possibility to learn more about business related subjects such as contract and consumer law, commercial law (including company law, securities markets law, competition law and IP law) and commercial dispute resolution from an international point of view.