European and Nordic Studies

Master’s Programme: European and Nordic Studies, Social Sciences Track

Expected Graduation: Autumn 2019

Graduating with top honors from the University of Glasgow in Summer 2017, I’m enthused to be continuing with my areas of academic interest at Helsinki: European populism, party-politics, and quantitative research. Professionally, my background is in educational policy development and pedagogical advancement- I’ve at least five years experience. In 2014 I was elected Vice President (Education) of the Student Union, the youngest VP in institutional memory; testament to my outgoing nature, leadership abilities, clear communication, and integrity. In addition, I’ve much experience with social media and working with diverse people through founding and leading Scotland’s largest Eurovision society.

Language Skills: English (first language); Finnish/Suomi (A1, currently learning); Welsh/Cymraeg (A1); French/Français (A1).

Looking For: Firstly, part-time work to sustain myself through studies. Secondly, opportunities to develop my experience with policy, politics and education. Specifically with public bodies or think tanks.



Master’s Programme: European and Nordic Studies, Social Sciences Track

Expected Graduation: Autumn 2019

I enjoy working in a multicultural environment- individually or as a team- and cultural challenges do not deter me. In the future, I see myself working in a global, multilingual organization that cultivates and furthers human talent and potential.

Previous employment, particularly from working with asylum seekers and North-Korean dissidents, allowed me to work with people of all backgrounds. Engaging with such rich diversity is both a professional and a personal passion.

My ability to quickly adapt and the aim to be continuously learning, ensures that I always overcome shortcomings.

Language Skills: Estonian/Eesti (native), English (excellent), Finnish/Suomi (C2), Russian/Русский (B2), French/Française and Spanish/Español (B2), Korean/한국어 (A1)

Looking For: I look forward to the opportunity to learn and share new experiences that will enrich both your company and my future career path. Firstly, I am looking for part-time work during my studies. Also, for internship opportunities to complement my aims to work in a global and diverse environment.


Master’s Programme: European and Nordic studies, Humanities Track

Expected Graduation: 2019

My BA is in Polish language and culture, and now I'm doing my master's in European and Nordic studies focusing on East Central and South Eastern Europe, especially gender questions there. So I know Polish, that's my superpower!

I currently work at the Finnish Immigration Service, which has taught me a lot about both the legislative and the practical side of immigration issues. Through my earlier work experience in media monitoring I have a good routine of quickly spotting the core point in texts and making high-quality summaries and reports of them.

Language skillsFinnish (native); English (C2); Polish and Swedish (B2); French and Spanish (A2); German and Slovenian (A1). I'm currently taking a beginner's course of Arabic.

Looking For: My ambition is a career in international affairs, so I'm all ears if that kind of jobs come up. At the moment I'm only interested in part-time work, because I have quite a lot of studying to do for the next two years.


Master’s Programme: European and Nordic Studies

Expected Graduation: Aug 2019

I am a person with wide range of interests ranging from language, politics, history, and critiquing novels and movies, and anything I come across.

I have worked as a hybrid of translator and customer service for Kickstarter projects for more than 4 years. Through my career, I trained myself to work in the international environment, and learned to communicate with international clients, to conduct market-related research, as well as to tailor the language to make the product the most appealing to the target market.

My ultimate goal in professional career is to become a bridge over barriers in the world. Translation was one of them, but I would love to work with companies that wants to become bridges of the world in any way.

Language Skills: Japanese (Native), English (above C1, full professional proficiency), German (B1), Dutch (elementary), Finnish (A1, learning at the moment)

Looking For: Currently internship, and part-time jobs that will be beneficial for the company with my skills, as well as my future career with experience. In the future, I look forward to work in the environment that I can utilize my skills, and do what I enjoy.


Master’s Programme: European and Nordic studies

Expected Graduation: May 2019

International, communicative, cooperative, responsible and encouraging. These five words represent my competence with which I commit to perfection of tasks assigned to me as well as to improvement of communities I belong to.

Embracing the vision of being a transnational talent across borders, I have exposed myself to international and multicultural environment throughout my education. My major for the bachelor degree at University of Seoul was International Relations and I had a year-long exchange program at University of Mannheim in Germany.

In addition, I have built my career in the academic field as a student researcher. I participated in the Joint Conference on European Studies in Korea by giving a presentation on the democratic mechanism of conflict management in Finland, which fostered a personal interest in the Finnish political system. Also, I worked for the ‘Happy Women’ project of Seocho-gu (a local government district) in Seoul, helping them with their case studies on foreign welfare policies and projects for women, children, and senior citizens.

Language SkillsKorean (native), English (fluent), Japanese (intermediate), German (beginner), Finnish (beginner)

Looking For:  Currently, as a freshman of the master program, I am primarily looking for full-time internships for forthcoming Summer and also interested in part-time jobs compatible with my studies.  


Master’s Programme: Master of European and Nordic Studies

Expected Graduation: Spring 2018

My name is Lysiane Lasausse, I obtained a Bachelor’s in Swedish in 2013, worked and studied in various places before being able to pursue my studies in Helsinki, where I discovered my passion for Nordic cooperation.

Second year Master student with a Nordic major, I have always been interested in the Nordic countries and more recently, in Nordic cooperation and nation branding. Currently working on my thesis, I have an aptitude for independent work and research. However, I also work well within a team; I don’t shy away from responsibilities and I can hold a deadline. I am serious when it comes to work, though I appreciate office humor, as I am myself cheerful, even under stress.

Languages is another interest of mine. I have excellent communication skills, specially with foreigners, due to my language skills, customer service work, and my natural friendliness.

In my spare time, I like to use various online outlets to keep in touch with friends abroad, and keep up with international news and events. I am quite geeky, so social media and tech are part of my daily life. I like to play video games, and those are currently part of my research as a student.

Language Skills: Fluent in English and French (native language), I also speak Swedish and Norwegian. I am currently learning Finnish, I can understand a bit of Danish and Dutch but cannot carry conversations.

Looking For: A permanent position after I graduate, or a flexible part-time position during my studies. I will also consider internships if they are interesting.


Master’s Programme: European & Nordic Studies

Graduating: Summer 2019 

As I would describe myself as global citizen, I have manifested my academic career and interests in international affairs since I started (and now finished) my bachelor’s studies in Scotland, with great academic merits. Doing my master’s studies in European and Nordic Studies was therefore a natural pathway, and my background in comparative regional analysis and research on the political implications of climate change, have added greater layers to my aspirations to work in an international environment for global problems. Furthermore, I have a strong background in customer service, retail and student mentoring, which highlight my interpersonal, communication and team building skills, which I believe to be relevant in any professional position. 

Language Skills: Finnish (first language), English (C2), Swedish (B1, currently studying), Portuguese (A1), French (A1, currently studying) 

Looking For: Internship and placement opportunities during the summer/spring 2018. I am highly open minded for different opportunities locally and globally, but specifically I would be interested in organisational work, and affairs related to the European Union and climate change. After my graduation in 2019, I will be seeking full-time positions.


Master’s Programme: European and Nordic Studies, Social Sciences Track

Expected Graduation: 2019

I completed my bachelor's degree in political science (with a minor in sociology) at the University of Trier in Germany, spending one exchange year at the University of Tampere. Today, my main academic interest are new right-wing populist parties particularly in Northern Europe, but in the past I intensely studied climate change politics, protest politics and welfare states. As an intellectually curious person aspiring to find work in academic research, I hope that during my time in Helsinki I learn as much as possible about qualitative research in particular. The greatest assets I can bring are my infectious enthusiasm for any given research topic; my independent, well-organized work routine; and my patience and persistence in the face of adversity.

Language Skills: German (native language), English (C1), Finnish (A1, currently studying), French (A1)

Looking For: Primarily I am hoping to find part-time work to ensure my financial independence, but I am also eager to meet and possibly assist researchers whenever possible, allowing me to develop my research interests further. so I can learn more about what my future might look like. I have also got experience in German-English translations and language tutoring - any part-time employment in that area would be very welcome.


Understanding today’s Europe requires much more than understanding the European integration process. Tensions, challenges and possibilities that are manifesting themselves in this moment are strongly grounded in the politics, societies and cultures of the continent and its historical roots.

European and Nordic Studies programme will train students as independent and critical thinkers who are well informed about European issues, trained to do independent and creative analytical projects as well as experienced in working in a multicultural environment.

There is currently a great need for professionals like this within the public and private sectors. The programme will provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in higher education, local and national administrations, the media, the European Union, Nordic Regional and international institutions, non-governmental organisations, and the business sector. More information.