HiDATA-tilaisuus 7.11.2019: Tekoäly- ja digitaidot muuttuvassa työelämässä

HiDATA: Tekoäly- ja digitaidot muuttuvassa työelämässä 7.11.2019 9.00-11.00 Tiedekulma (Yliopistonkatu 4)


  • Why do we need to enable continuous learning in companies?
  • How is digitalisation and AI changing the working life?
  • What are the societal demands for continuous learning?
  • What are the responses? How do we answer to this demand?

These questions will be tackled through our expert keynotes and panel discussion. The moderator for this discussion is our very own associate professor Teemu "Elements of AI" Roos. Be prepared for a lively discussion.

A more specific program and registration link will be published soon at this site. Welcome!