Live broadcast
27.5.2019 09:00 - 10:00


The rise of Artificial Intelligence raises an important challenge: how can we develop AI that increases the well-being of its users? This talk will describe a set of projects that address this issue and raise challenges for Natural Language Understanding and data management. The main theme of these projects is to help users create experiences that make them happy. The first project, Jo, is a smart-journaling application that allows users to enjoy the insights of the field of Positive Psychology in the context of their own lives. Users log their important moments via short texts and Jo attempts to give them insights that help them take steps toward creating more positive moments in their lives. The second project helps users create positive experiences when they shop online for services. The observation underlying our project is that while users are searching for experiences (e.g., restaurant outings, vacations), online services only enable them to search based on objective non-experiential attributes. Voyageur introduces the idea of a subjective databases, which enable users to query directly for experiential aspects.