HALS Field Seminar 3

The HALS Field Seminar 3 will be held on 13 and 14 November in Helsinki.

It is going to be a working seminar: the goal is to report results from the HALS field trip to the Central Balkans around Lakes Ohrid and Prespa in June, and to plan a collective volume of articles, to be edited by Max Wahlström and to appear in the Slavica Helsingiensia series. However, the questions that will be discussed have general relevance for field linguistics and language contact studies, so we warmly invite linguistic reasearchers and students of various interests to the seminar!

General information

The seminar will take place on Friday 13 November 10:00­–18:00 in Porthania PIII, and on Saturday 14 November 10:00–14:00 in Porthania P722.

A preliminary list of talks:

PAPERS (20 min)

Borche Arsov: On a few lexical “archaisms” in the Boboshchica Gospel and the Boboshchica speech

Jouko Lindstedt: Towards a history of multilingualism in the Central Balkans

Maxim Makartsev: The policy towards minorities and their organisations in the Republic of Albania

Milica Petrushevska: TBA

Heini Puurunen: Making and Breaking (Ethnic) Group Boundaries: A case study on the minorities in the Central Balkans

Elizabeta Ralpovska: TBA

Johanna Virkkula: On attitudes towards names in the Central Balkans

Max Wahlström: On the field material collected on the HALS expedition in June 2015


Andrei Călin Dumitrescu: The Aromanians (Vlachs) in the Central Balkans [will be further specified]

Pavel Falaleev: Use of Turkish loanwords among South Slavic speakers in the Central Balkans

Paula Hämeen-Anttila & Antti Laine: Linguistic landscapes in the Central Balkans

Jani Korhonen: Linguistic attitudes of the majority towards minorities in the Central Balkans

Justyna Pierzyńska & Dušica Božović: The use of Serbo-Croatian in Macedonia and attitudes towards it

Chingduan Yurayong: Analytical adnominal possession and its definiteness in Balkan languages