Kaupunkitutkimuksen ja suunnittelun maisteriohjelma: ha­ku­lo­mak­keen ky­sy­myk­set

HUOM! Tämä sivu koskee sinua, jos olet joulukuussa 2016 tai tammikuussa 2017 hakenut seuraavaan hakukohteeseen: Kau­pun­ki­tut­ki­muk­sen ja suun­nit­te­lun mais­te­rioh­jel­ma, fi­lo­so­fian/​val­tio­tie­tei­den mais­te­ri (2 v)

Motivaatiokirje ja sen sisältämä opintosuunnitelma tehdään vastaamalla hakulomakkeella annettuihin kysymyksiin, jotka on lueteltu alla.  Mietithän vastauksia huolellisesti etukäteen ennen hakulomakkeen täyttämistä, sillä vastauksia ei voi muuttaa lomakkeen lähettämisen jälkeen.  Vastausten merkkimäärä on rajoitettu.  Hakulomakkeen täyttämisaika on myös rajallinen.

Tämän maisteriohjelman opetuskieli on englanti. Tämän takia alla olevat kysymykset ovat vain englanniksi.  Voit kuitenkin halutessasi vastata kysymyksiin myös suomeksi tai ruotsiksi.   

Ohjeet portfolion tekemiseen löytyvät sivun lopusta. 

Huomioithan, että Helsingin yliopisto saattaa tarkistaa motivaatiokirjeen ja muut vastaavat dokumentit plagiaatintunnistusjärjestelmällä. 

Motivation letter questions

  • What are your motives to apply for this Master's Programme at the University of Helsinki?  (1000 characters)
  • How do your previous studies enable you to succeed in the studies of this Master's  Programme?  (500)
  • How do the studies of this Master's Programme complement and broaden your previous studies?  (500)
  • Please specify how studying in this Master's Programme relates to your career objectives and what you wish to achieve by completing your master's degree? What kind of an expert you want to become?  (500)
  • Outline your academic interests in the chosen field, i.e. indicate how your interests relate to the three study tracks of our programme?  (1000)
  • Draw up a study plan. How will you complete your Master's studies in two years’ time? Please visit the web page of the programme and make a preliminary study plan for your master's studies here.  (2000)
  • Please specify which target degree at the University of Helsinki you apply for: A) Master of Science (Faculty of Science or Faculty of Bioscienes), B) Master of Arts (Faculty of Humanities) or C) Master of Social Sciences (Faculty of Social Sciences). Please note that you can select only one target degree.  (100)
  • Please place in order of preference the study tracks you apply for: A) Urban Studies and Planning (USP Plans), B) Urban Life, Economy and Culture (USP Peoples), C) Urban Ecologies and Systems (USP Systems).  (100)
  • Please fill in your GPA (Grade Point Average) percentage.  (Alternatively, you can fill your GPA value and the maximum.) If your official transcript or final degree certificate does not state GPA percentage, please calculate it as the weighted average of all grades in your official transcript. Do this by multiplying each grade’s point value by the number of credits. Sum all of these together and divide by the total number of credits. Please calculate the value as best as you can. This GPA will be verified by the university. An accurate self-reported GPA will help to expedite the processing of your application.  (100)
  • Give your own ECTS estimate of your degree size (numerical value, sum of the course sizes). You can find more information about ECTS from the document: http://ec.europa.eu/education/tools/ects_en.htm  (10)
  • Give your own ECTS estimate of amount of credits you have obtained in relevant studies (architecture, ecology, history, city planning, real estate economics, cultural studies, geography, landscape-architecture, design, social sciences, environmental sciences, economics or other related studies) in your degree (numerical value, sum of the course sizes).  (10)



Write your portfolio in English. The portfolio should be in pdf-format, and the size of the file should not exceed 20 MB.

Your portfolio should contain:

  1. A summary of your Barchelor’s thesis. In case you’re still working on it, please give a working title and explain your thesis writing process. Describe your research questions, materials and methods as well as you can.
  2. Two or three other work samples, which demonstrate the versatility of your work. Please note that those work samples have to be relevant to the study line and studies you want to take in the USP programme. You can use both texts and images, accompanied by some contextual information (e.g. the assignment, context of the project etc.). If you include groupwork to the samples, please make sure you give also a clear description of your own interest and role in the work.

The work samples presented in the portfolio may include:

  • planning or design works
  • essays
  • cartographic works
  • research assignments
  • science-based projects
  • descriptions of your fieldwork experience
  • laboratory work

You can have links to your projects elsewhere in your portfolio, but it is not acceptable to have just links. Please provide only the most relevant and important links!