Besides digitalization work on the Finnish mycetophilids collected during 2003-2018, I’m gradually trying to provide fresh mycetophilid materials for DNA barcoding. I prepare only those species which either have never been barcoded from Finland, or (in a few cases) replication seems to be useful.
Work is in process. I have been intensively collecting fresh materials in natural forests especially rich in mycetophilid fauna. My collecting sites in natural forest in 2019 are Parikkala, Siikalahti (two sites), Kattilankoski, Kitee (one site), Kotinen Nature reserve at Lammi, Evo (two sites). Additionally, I'm continuing studies in city parks and city forests, in 2019 it is Ruotsinkylän tutkimusmetsä (one site). At present, I have treated a part of the material collected in 2019 and prepared already a set of ca 400 mycetophilid samples (individuals) which represent ca 250 species. Of these two species, Mycetophila hyrcania and Neoclastobasis sibirica are new to Fennoscandia, and one species, Mycetophila v-nigrum is new to Finnish fauna. Several species were formerly absent in the Nordic NorBol sequenced mycetophilid dataset.
This portion of fresh material is estimated to represent ca 30 % of the entire Finnish mycetophilid fauna (781 spp plus three new species which will be added to the Finnish fauna).