Two postdoctoral positions at the laboratory of Synaptic Plasticity and Neuronal Synchronization, Neuroscience Center, University of Helsinki

Research groups of Prof. Tomi Taira and Dr. Svetlana Molchanova are looking for two postdocs to study the development of synaptic networks. We are working in close collaboration to study how functional brain networks are formed and matured during development. Positions are founded by the Academy of Finland research grants. The first project (TT) is focused on the role of kainate-type glutamate receptors and synaptic transmission in the early-life oscillatory activity of the neuronal networks and activity-dependent maturation of synaptic connectivity in hippocampus. The second one (SM) deals with maturation of cortico-striatal connections and the role of developmental disturbances in striatal connections in pathogenesis of the hyperactivity and repetitive behaviour disorders. Projects will employ in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological techniques (field recordings, whole-cell patch-clamp and multi-electrode array), immunocytochemistry, small animal surgery (brain microinjections), behavioural tests and work with transgenic mouse lines.

Applicants are expected to be researchers at the post-doctoral level, with background in neuroscience, physiology, genetics or biochemistry (preferably circuit, behavioural or developmental neuroscience). Experience in electrophysiological techniques and data analyses are required for the TT project applicants. For the second position (SM), the previous knowledge of whole-cell patch clamp is not necessary, but the strong motivation to learn this technique is a must. Previous experience in work with transgenic mouse lines, immunohistochemistry and behavioural tests will be an asset.

Positions are initially available for two years with possible continuation. The salary will be based on the Finnish university salary system (YPJ), between 3100 – 3400 euros/month, depending on qualifications and performance levels. A six-month trial period will be applied.

Application (preferable in a single pdf-file) must contain 2-page CV with ResearcherID or ORCID and contact details of at least two references; and motivation letter, describing the previous research experience and expectations from the future work.

Application deadline is 31st of July, and positions are available from 1st of September, 2019. Please submit your application using the University of Helsinki Recruitment System via the link Apply for the position. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to leave their application via the SAP HR portal.

For further information, please contact Prof. Tomi Taira or Dr. Svetlana Molchanova

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