Working while studying

Close to seventy percent of university students work while they study - at least during some periods of their academic career - and most of them manage to combine work and study.

The University of Helsinki has nothing against working while studying, if a student's progress in studies does not drop the credit accumulation to a non-satisfactory level. The study progress of students is monitored by a Checkpoint System (etappi in Finnish), which assesses the accumulation of credits at regular intervals.

It should be pointed out that you cannot count on financing your studies solely by working. Even if the official regulations would allow working, finding a temporary job is often difficult. And at least a working knowledge of the Finnish language in most cases is a must.


If you work in Finland, you have to pay taxes on your income. The taxation policy depends on how long you stay in Finland - less than six months or over six months - and on the type of your employment. International tax agreements sometimes allow tax deductions for students. In most cases, you can get a deduction only if your work in Finland is directly related to your studies at home.

Check the Finnish Tax Administration's website for details.

For more information you can also visit the In To servicepoint in Kamppi. In To is the service point of the Finnish Tax Administration and the Social Institution of Finland (Kela). For contact information and opening hours please see the In To website.

Career Services - University of Helsinki

The Career Services has published a Guide for the Hidden Labour Market  which gives you tips for job hunting.You may also find these guidebooks useful Tips for Job Seeking and Ready for working life - guide for students. Guide provides key information about your rights as they relate to employment.


Rekrynet is a job database maintained by the University of Helsinki Career Services. You may look for vacancies, internships, Master's thesis assignments targeted at University of Helsinki students. (Ad's might be in Finnish or in English depending on the choice of the employer.) Rekrynet >>

Employment after graduation

You may be granted a residence permit for looking for employment after graduation. You must apply for that permit during the time that your permit granted for studies in Finland is still valid. The permit is granted once for a period of one year. If you find employment, you may apply for a residence permit on the basis of employment.

For more information, please visit the Finnish Immigration Service website.

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