Chemical Weapons Convention

Chemical Weapons Convection, the CWC, prohibits development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons. Its goal is to destroy the existing stockpiles and prevent new production. Since the entry into force in 29 April 1997, 193 countries have become member states (as of 20th February 2023).


The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the OPCW, was established to implement the CWC. The Technical Secretariat of the OPCW compiles the declarations from Member States and organizes inspections to declared facilities.


VERIFIN and CW Project have always been dedicated for the chemical disarmament. VERIFIN has supported the work of the OPCW in the Conference of States Parties and in the Executive Council. The support has taken many forms over the years, e.g. development of methods for off-site and on-site analysis, participating actively in creation and updating of the OPCW Central Analytical Database, training of OPCW analytical inspectors, evaluating the results of OPCW proficiency tests and arranging workshops.

The full con­ven­tion in­clud­ing an­nexes is avail­able as a pdf on the OPCW's website

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