VERIFIN is an institute in the Department of Chemistry under the Faculty of Science in the University of Helsinki

Organization chart


Organisation chart of VERIFIN


Governing board

Activities and financial matters of VERIFIN are guided and controlled by the Governing Board

Name Title Position
Anne Sipiläinen Undersecretary of State Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Chairman
Heikki Tenhu Professor, Head of the Department of Chemistry University of Helsinki
Paula Eerola Dean, Faculty of Science University of Helsinki
Mikael Långström First Secretary Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Marjo Berglund Head of the Finance Department University of Helsinki
Risto Hakoila Financial Director Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Vesa Virtanen Chief of Planning The Finnish Defence Forces
Paula Vanninen Professor, Director of VERIFIN VERIFIN
Matti Kuula Chemist VERIFIN
Kira Sivula Board Secretary VERIFIN