Traineeship programme for international master students

"During my traineeship at the University of Helsinki HR, I noticed that the university administration is a friendly and relaxed, nice working environment. My colleagues were simply great. I learned a lot about how HR works in a bigger organization."
- Juan Fernandez Castellano, trainee at HR.


picture by University of Helsinki


Do you want to gain valuable work experience in one of the leading universities in the world?
Are you interested in taking a sneak peek in to a big organization's processes and administration?

Apply to University of Helsinki's brand new TRAINEESHIP PROGRAMME FOR INTERNATIONAL MASTER STUDENTS and become one of the best!


University of Helsinki offers a variety of career possibilities also outside the academic career path.
University Services provides services among the fields of HR, finance, communications etc. to support the University in performing its core duties. We, at the University Services, operate in a user-oriented manner in close cooperation with the academic units.

We offer you a great chance for taking the first steps in to the working life this coming autumn 2018 by organizing a structured training period. You get to widen your expertise and put your skills to test with our trainee positions. You will also get an insight on the university administration as a whole. Furthermore we offer you a friendly community of dedicated professionals who are willing to share from their experience and are eager to learn from you!

The University of Helsinki Traineeship Programme in a nutshell.

The programme is aimed only for international students pursuing their Master's degree at the University of Helsinki.

8 trainee positions in the University Services during autumn 2018.

The traineeship is conducted as a part-time (50%) work, leaving time for studies as well. The salary of a trainee is €700 per month for a part-time (50%) trainee. Training period is from 3th September to 31th December.

The application period is from 4 to 17 April 2018. Please submit your application through the University’s recruitment system by clicking on the Apply link, which appears at the bottom of each job ad. Please note that you will be asked to register into the system before you get to apply. You will receive a message from the recruitment system, once your application has been registered to the system. In need of assistance, please contact:

Read more about our open trainee positions at our web pages:

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