Feedback HRD & Well Being 2015

Here are some answers from the ISEW HRD & Well Being participants to our question:

Working in groups was supposed to help us to share our knowledge, skills and experience. Please, describe how well we all succeeded in this.

  • In my view, this was one of the most valuable aspects of the Exchang, the opportunity to discuss and share knowledge with our peers.  The group dynamics were very well designed, they fostered the contribution of all the participants.
  • I really liked your group work methods, they were quite effective. Sometimes I wished to take more time to share our experiences, but you could discuss in lunch or after the day as well.

 What was the best experience / event during the ISEW  in Helsinki?

  • Difficult to say as the overall experience was one of the best in my career so far.  I feel have developed personally and professionally as a result of the experience.
  • Social events were nicely organized, especially the welcome dinner was excellent :) I enjoyed also workshops and presentations about occupational health, so Thursdays program was best for me.  I was also really glad, because I could practice English all week. And this was good, that I had time for discover Helsinki so time schedule was good.

The reasons for choosing the University of Helsinki / Finland?

  • Inspired by the progress on equality in Nordic countries and a passion for Moomins and saunas!
  • The interest of the programme presented in HU link, through which i presented my application. To know how the University of Helsink develop their HRD programmes as a high level of an educational and training institucional example. Also, the opportunity to meet Responsibles of HRD and some professors talking about their experience and research in this área.The opportunity to know the finish culture (the possible in one week)
  • Out of all the staff weeks available, the HRD course seemed to be the most suited to my current job role. I had also never visited Finland before and saw that the ISEW Admin Staff week had very good feedback.
  • A university with a long history, good results, success stories and innovation in this field.

 Any other comments you wish to make?

  • A really great week.  The amount of work and planning that had gone into organising things was incredible and allowed you to show your university and the HR Department in particular, in a really great light.  Thank you all for making us feel so welcome!
  • Keep on working the way you already do! You were really good hosts and the ISEW is very good opportunity to build a personal network across Europe.
  • The organization and supervision of this week were perfect. Nothing was left to chance. Meals and coffee break were excellents. Accomodation was very nice, clean and well equipped. The meeting rooms were high tech and confortables. The sauna and the mindfulness session, during free time and breaks, were pleasant discoveries. I really enjoyed it. Your entire team was very professional, dynamic and caring.  I came back in Belgiqum with a great impression of your university and Finland. I'll keep a very good memories of this week. Thanks again !