User instructions for our recruitment system

Why have I not received an email confirmation on the reception of my application?

You are yet to complete your job application in the system. You have so far only created an applicant profile or your application has only been saved as a draft.

You can continue completing your application until the end of the application period.

Why am I unable to log in to the recruitment system with my email address?

This problem may be due to you being employed by the University, which makes the system view you as an internal applicant. Please apply for open positions through the SAP HR portal on Flamma, not the external website of the University of Helsinki.

How can I change the language used in the application process to receive responses in the language of my choice?

The language can be changed through Candidate Profile – Personal Settings – Preferred Language

How should I name and save attachments?

Attachment file names must indicate the applicant’s name and the position applied for, for example “university lecturer in history_CV_Last_name”. The recommended file format for attachments is PDF.

At what time does the application period end on the last application day?

Application periods close at 23.59 Finnish time (EEST) on the date announced in the call for applications.

How can I verify that the details entered into the applicant profile have been saved?

The system automatically saves all completed details when you move from one tab to another. You can also exit the system and continue completing the information later.

Can I supplement or amend an application after submission?

You can edit your application before the deadline for applications. If the application deadline has passed, we request that you do not supplement or edit your application.

Before the application deadline, you can delete an application you have previously submitted and can create and send a new application under Open positions > My applications.

Before and after the application deadline, it is also technically possible to:

  • Attach a new application letter to your application as a separate PDF on the Attachments tab in your profile; if you do so, please clearly indicate in the letter that it is the latest version.
  • Add or remove attachments; if you are an external applicant, log in to the system (internal applicants use the SAP HR portal), go to My applications under the Attachments tab in your profile, select the relevant application path and attach the documents of your choice under My attachments.

Carefully select the attachments you wish to display in the application path in question. If you do not select specific attachments, all attachments you may have entered into the system together with previous applications will also be displayed.