Ex­pert and ser­vice ca­reers

“My work aligns with my values, while making the world a better place by supporting high-level research. I know that this organisation will have career opportunities available when I wish to embark on new challenges.”
- A supervisor working with academic services
“I work at the top of my field. There are not many organisations providing such fascinating subject matters to work with. I have a say in my duties and the possibility to carry out interesting development work.”
- A communications specialist
“The work is based on humane values, since the University is a non-profit organisation. It’s very easy to combine work and family life here.”
- A coordinator at HR Services

Mean­ing­ful work

In your work, you enable interesting, socially significant high-level research to be conducted. Our values infuse the work carried out at the University with meaning.

Pro­fes­sional op­por­tun­it­ies

You have the opportunity to utilise your expertise in a diverse manner, try out different technologies and network with the professionals of your field also on an international level.

Di­verse ca­reers

Trainings and networking opportunities are always within reach. We also provide opportunities for diverse careers: you can transfer between positions or advance into increasingly challenging duties within the organisation. We work in multi-professional teams and networks.

Flex­ib­il­ity and sup­port

We provide our staff with the best possible environment for success at the workplace. Flexible working hours and holidays as well as telecommuting opportunities help you find a balance between work and free time. For employees with families, we offer support in combining family life and work.