Arrival and family support

To support you we offer:
•    Advice on arrival formalities in Finland for you and your family
•    Training to help you settle in
•    Advice and contacts for public services
•    Guidance for finding housing
•    Advice on daycare and school options
•    Onboarding accommodation, if needed, at Unihome

In addition, we are prepared to offer personalised support to our top talents. For example, we offer high-quality relocation services and mentoring for high-profile recruits.

We find it important that the family members of our employees thrive in Helsinki. We offer the following to the spouses of our employees free of charge:

Ex­amples of train­ings and events for spouses

We welcome the spouses of our newly arrived staff members to participate in selected staff training. Training on orientation matters, Finnish working culture as well as the Experiencing Finland event are offered to spouses free of charge.

Em­ploy­ment of spouses

Finding employment in Finland requires an active approach from the spouse. A range of public services is available to support job searching.

Employment services (City of Helsinki)

EU/EEA nationals have the right to work in Finland. For citizens of other countries, the right to work depends on the type of residence permit. Generally, a residence permit on the basis of family ties gives an unlimited right to work in Finland. A residence permit granted on another basis may not include an unlimited right to work.

Family members without an EU/EEA nationality need to apply for residence permits before arriving in Finland. In order for family members to receive residence permits, the main applicant’s income must be guaranteed by means other than state support. In Finnish legislation the definition of a family member may be narrower than elsewhere.

EU/EEA nationals or nationals of Switzerland are required to register their stay at the Immigration Service after arrival. Family members also usually need to register their stay at the Local Register Office.

For advice, please see:

It is important to make sure that family members are insured during their stay in Finland. Family members are not entitled to occupational health care services provided for the employees of the University of Helsinki.

If the family resided in an EU country before moving in Finland, it is advisable to get a European Health Insurance Card (European Commission's website) for each family member. Medical records, prescriptions and immunisation records of children should be collected as well.

Family members taking up permanent residence in Finland are normally covered by the Finnish social security system. If a family member arriving in Finland to work is already included in the system, the family is usually entitled to these benefits. The Finnish social security system ( covers public health care and social security benefits. It is administered by the Finnish Social Insurance Institution, Kela ( An application must be submitted to Kela to receive benefits.

Daycare is available in Finland for small children in daycare centres and family daycare. Children aged six can attend preschool teaching, which is arranged in daycare centres and comprehensive schools. Comprehensive school usually starts in the year when children turn seven. After comprehensive school, pupils go to upper secondary school. From there they can continue to vocational or high schools.

Daycares and schools have both public and private providers. Public daycare providers generally have lower costs, while fees for private providers are higher. Applying for a place for the child well in advance is recommended.

Degree studies are provided by high schools, vocational institutes, universities and universities of applied sciences. Degree studies require an application procedure.

Many options for non-degree studies are available. Providers of these studies include Open Universities or Open Universities of Applied Sciences, Summer Universities, and Adult Education Centres. Studies are usually subject to a fee. Finnish language courses are offered by a range of providers.

Education in Helsinki (

Daycare services in Helsinki (City of Helsinki,

Open University

A simple electronic service to guide you through the necessary relocation registrations upon your arrival in Finland.

Uni Arrival Advisor