A tailored career path

Our tenure career model enables the careful selection of candidates. Once a candidate is selected, individual criteria are set to define the guidelines for progress along the tenure track.

In the three-level tenure track, launched in 2010, a fixed-term assistant professorship of three to five years leads to an associate professorship of three to five years, culminating in a permanent professorship if the criteria for granting tenure are met. The intention of the system is to increase the predictability, competitiveness and attractiveness of academic careers.





Careers: career parh overview

To support you in your path towards full professorship, we will tailor a career path for you with individually considered criteria for progress. These criteria build up your competence step by step to allow you to progress on the tenure track. Meeting the challenges set for you will show us that you are determined to ambitiously pursue the career of a professor at the University of Helsinki. 

Individual criteria for progress are defined after you have been recruited for a position. These criteria may include

  • The number and quality of publications

  • Acquisition of research funding

  • The number and status of supervised theses and dissertations

  • Teaching and the development of teaching

  • International work during the contract term

  • Other academic merits and matters related to the unit’s objectives and activities

We ensure that you can concentrate on doing research. In the University of Helsinki tenure model, all assistant and associate professors both teach and do research.

At the University of Helsinki, all teaching is strongly research based. As an assistant or associate professor, you have a strong role in both planning the curriculum and providing teaching in your field of research. Your teaching load is relatively small by international standards.

Teaching and research staff have an annual workload of roughly 1,600 hours. This means that their hours are extremely flexible: there is no set number of hours to work in a day, and the employee may decide on how to allocate the hours during the year.


The University of Helsinki and the Finnish society as a whole offer an attractive set of benefits each Helsinki-based employee can enjoy.

Salaries are based on the salary system for Finnish universities. A requirement level is defined for each position. The personal performance of an employee is always considered in calculating the salary.

The University of Helsinki offers a range of services to support tenure track researchers in their daily work.

Balancing work and family is possible for researchers living in Finland as Finnish society offers attractive benefits for families with children.