A solid financial foundation

The funding for the University of Helsinki consists of core funding provided by the government and external research funding applied for from various sources. In addition, operations are funded by the return on investment of the University's securities and other assets.

Planning and monitoring related to the University’s finances are conducted with care, with the goal of ensuring that funds are allocated according to their original purpose. Furthermore, expenses cannot exceed the funds available. The University’s budget is planned for periods of three to five years, leaving room for annual fluctuations between surplus and deficit in the University’s financial result.

In 2016 there was a dramatic drop in the funding granted to the University. Thanks to a broad reform programme spanning several years, finances have been adjusted successfully. At the moment, the University’s finances are in balance.

Open decision-making in financial matters is an element of the University’s responsible conduct. Read more about financial decision-making and decision-makers.

Every year, the University publishes a financial statement describing its operations.

Read more about the University's finances and assets.

University of Helsinki anti-corruption policy (in Finnish only)