United States

If you have completed or are completing your degree in the USA, an official transcript of records must be submitted to University Admissions Finland by the awarding institution. The envelope must be sealed by the awarding institution’s official stamp across the back flap. The transcript of records must come to University Admissions Finland directly from the awarding institution and cannot be sent by the applicant.

It is acceptable if the envelope contains other official documents awarded by the institution (e.g. degree certificate and diploma supplement). However, no other enclosures can be submitted with the transcript of records.

University Admissions Finland accepts electronic transcripts submitted through Parchment Exchange. If your institution uses Parchment Exchange’s service, you can request them to submit your transcript to University Admissions Finland. When using Parchment Exchange, University Admissions Finland only needs to receive the transcript once, contrary to normal document requirements.

You are not required to submit a copy of your degree certificate if your transcript of records includes the following information: name of the institution that awarded the degree, the date of issue, the name of the person to whom the degree was awarded and what title/degree it was.

University Admissions Finland uses a verification service for degrees completed in the USA.