Contact information

Administrative principal Tapio Lahtero tapio.lahtero(at) 02941 28161, 050-3501361
General upper secondary school principal Marja Honkaheimo marja.honkaheimo(at) 02941 28171, 050-3054131
Comprehensive school principal Juha-Pekka Husso juha-pekka.husso(at) 02941 28163,  050-3243163
Vice principal, Matriculation Examination matters Jaana Silvennoinen jaana.silvennoinen(at) 02941 28164
School secretaries (office hours 9-15)

Lotta Sjöblom (primarily comprehensive school)

Sara Tarvas (primarily upper secondary school)



02941 28150,  050-4155558

02941 28157, 050-4155557

Student counselling

Merja Laine, on leave

Petra Parkkola (9th grades, 19ABC)

Raila Pirinen (8th grades, 18ABC, 16ABC)

Veera Ruskomaa (7th grades, 17ABC, 15D), 2.9.2019-4.2.2020









School social worker Nicolas Recorbet nikke.recorbet(at) 040-6620329
School psychologist Anni Jaalas (2.1.2020-)    
School nurse Satu Hovi   050-3105573
School canteen's restaurant manager Seija Mala seija.mala(at) 050-5699908

Contact information for teachers and other staff members

Contact information for all staff members employed by the City of Helsinki, i.e. school social worker, school psychologist and school nurse, are available in the Norssi annual bulletin (Annual bulletin 2019-2020) and on student welfare page Student welfare.

Visiting address

Ratakatu 6

00120 Helsinki

Visiting and deliveries: entrance from the courtyard (Merimiehenkatu)

Mail address

Helsinki Normal Lyceum

PO Box (Ratakatu 6)

00014 University of Helsinki

See location on map.

Public transport journey planner


Tram line 10 and bus line 24 have stops right next to the school. Tram line 3B and bus lines 14 and 18 also have stops within a short walking distance.