Library and digital learning environments
Multiple learning environments are used at Helsinki Normal Lyceum. In addition to the classrooms, the school's learning facilities include a library, a ballroom, school corridors with student work, and various virtual learning environments such as Teams and Wilma.

The library has a significant role in Norssi's learning environment. The library is also a welcoming space in which pupils and students can spend time during their breaks and free periods to study independently.

The Helsinki Normal Lyceum library mainly serves our pupils and students, but acquisitions are also made with student teachers and teachers in mind.

During terms, the library is open on weekdays from 9.30 to 14.35. Exceptions to these opening hours are posted on the library door. Pupils and students can visit the library either with their teacher or on their own.

The library collection (reference library, circulating books, journals and magazines), facilities and equipment are at the disposal of Norssi's pupils, students, staff and student teachers. Our librarian assists in searching for information and offers advice on library use.The University of Helsinki’s teacher training schools have a shared library database. The database can be searched here: WeLib

Please remember to check that the volume you looked up is available at your school (click on the search result title and check the library under “Items” for “Ratakatu”).

Circulating books are lent free of charge. The loan period is four weeks for fiction, two weeks for nonfiction and determined on a case-by-case basis for reference books. Loans can be renewed at the library unless they have been reserved. Please note that you must complete a loan receipt form (or enter the loan directly into the system in the library secretary’s office) and return or renew your loans within the loan period.

Please note that users are responsible for any materials they use and must reimburse the library for any unreturned or damaged items (see section 4 of the library rules).

All library users must follow the school’s and the library’s rules. Creating a disturbance or breaking the rules may result in losing the right to use the library. Please note that the reading room is intended for independent and quiet work.

Digital learning environments

Several virtual learning environments and tools are used in teaching and guidance at Helsinki Normal Lyceum. The most important of these is the Microsoft Office 365 environment, its Teams learning environment, and various tools and applications integrated into it, such as ThingLink or Whiteboard. The Wilma system is used on a daily basis for home and school collaboration. Other digital teaching applications in use include e.g., Flinga and Seesaw.