What is Think Corner


Best talks in town

This is the defining idea of Think Corner, its promise and its atmosphere. Think Corner offers the latest in research in the heart of the City Centre Campus, surrounded by the passionate young and wise seniors, in the living room of one of the world’s top universities.  Think Corner offers spaces, services and events to generate new thinking and new creative energy. Doors and ideas are open for everyone.

And the space is spectacular! We’ve done our best to make our versatile space an inspiring place for stopping by, learning together, working in boisterous groups and meeting interesting people. You can reserve a space for work or events, take over a booth or a table, or just drop in to see what’s happening.

Get started at Tiedekulma Café on the street level.  A good cup of coffee is a fine start to any endeavour. In addition to coffee, the Café offers daily lunches, drinks and catering. You won’t have to wander about alone at Think Corner. Think Corner’s hosts will show you around and help bring out the best in the place (and perhaps in you, too). You can also ask the hosts for different equipment, such as pencils and flipcharts. If you prefer to have your own stationary, head to Tiedekulma Shop. There you'll find also a good selection of both Finnish and English books as well as University of Helsinki products. Read more about our services for visitors.

The Think Corner programme offers information and dialogue in easily digested forms. Experts, researchers, influencers and the audience meet on the Think Corner Stage, a discussion arena that can accommodate an audience of up to 200 people. Themed events, hot topics and demos will be available from a broad range of fields. Find the events that interest you and see what the talk of the town is on the Think Corner channels.

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