Coworking Basement

The Coworking Basement is a relaxed and inspiring working space open to all located in the Think Corner basement.

Coworking basement is open to everyone during Think Corner opening hours. Come and work by yourself or in a group! The spaces are in use on first come first served- basis.

Customer service

Don’t hesitate to ask for help (1 st. floor) to any problem you may have and please tell them your opinion on the look and feel of the Basement. Hosts can be contacted, among other things, for equipment, chargers to borrow or, say, tips on the most inspiring events to attend at Think Corner.

Group work corner

We have a group work corner that can be booked in advance to make sure your group has a table at Think Corner. You can reserve it trough Outlook.

  • The corner is not soundproof, and is part of the coworking space, which makes it inappropriate for confidential work or work that requires silence.
  • The corner can be booked in two-hour slots, for no more than two slots per day.
  • Book the corner through Outlook, from where you can also see up to date reservation situation.
  • If the space is not booked, you are free to use it.
  • At the start of your booking, you are free to enter the space and start working!
  • Please leave the space in an orderly condition when you leave.
  • If you are not a student at HY, you can ask the customer service to make a booking for you