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Hehkulamppu, jonka sähkölanka on perhosen muotoinen.

Uuden tiedon klubi keeps you up to date on the world of science. In the monthly event, researchers from the University of Helsinki give short popular talks on what they are studying right now. After the talks, you can test your knowledge in our science pub quiz!

Join the events at Think Corner, follow it via livestream or watch the talks afterwards on our YouTube channel. The events are mainly in Finnish, but occasionally in English too.

Uuden tiedon klubi was formerly known as Fresh from Campus. See the previous programmes of the series from 2018 and 2019.

Is the rule of law weakening in Eastern Europe or are we using an inaccurate concept?

“The situation of East European countries is usually studied from the perspective of the countries’ democratic development. My study shows that the concept has to be broader. Small countries tend to consider themselves vulnerable, and having a strong leader is historically seen as a better option than liberal democracy in terms of protecting the country from outside threats on sovereignty.”
Katalin Miklossy (@KatalinMiklossy) is a docent at the Aleksanteri Institute. Her study shows that the political culture that started in the 19th century still affects daily politics.

Do Women Need More Rights? – The Anti-Gender Movement in Russia

In the past 10 years, anti-gender rhetoric has become increasingly visible on the political agenda of populist and far-right parties all over the world. In Eastern Europe and Russia, it has penetrated into political elites and gained official support. In Russia, the turn to openly conservative and hostile policies came with Putin’s third term as president. What triggered this turn? What are the consequences for women and their rights? My research enquires into the dynamics and nature of the current anti-gender and conservative agenda of Russian authorities.
Marianna Muravyeva (@MMuravyeva) is a professor of Russian law and administration at the Faculty of Law and Aleksanteri Institute. She examines long-term trends and patterns in social development with a special focus on normativity, gender and violence.

Hate Crime against LGBTQ Populations in Russia

“Violence against LGBTQ people in Russia has increased due to the country’s new ‘gay propaganda’ laws. My research aims to show the harm the laws are doing in order to convince the lawmakers to change them.”
Alexander Kondakov is a researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute. His research shows that crimes against LGBTQ people have increased in Russia.

EXTRA: Socioeconomic differences in electoral participation

Hannu Lahtinen, doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences, will be interviewed on his recent doctoral dissertation that studies the socioeconomic differences in electoral participation especially in Finland. According to his research, those with advantaged socioeconomic positions – that is, individuals with high educational qualifications, professional or managerial occupations and a high level of income – are the most likely to vote in elections.

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Alexander Kondakov, Katalin Miklossy, Marianna Muravyeva

Alexander Kondakov, Katalin Miklossy, Marianna Muravyeva