The Inauguration

Before their formal appointment, all professors at the University of Helsinki give a public inaugural lecture.

On the day of their inauguration at 1:50 p.m., the professors to be formally appointed at that day’s inauguration ceremony will convene in the Rector’s Reception Room (University of Helsinki Main Building, Fabianinkatu 33, 2 nd floor) to meet the University leadership.

The inaugural lectures will begin at 2:15 p.m. in auditoria. Several lectures will be held at the same time in various auditoria. Before the start of each lecture, the Dean or Vice-Dean of the faculty in question will briefly introduce the incoming professor.

Immediately after all the inaugural lectures have been given, the new professors will reconvene in the passage adjacent to the Teachers’ Lounge (Main Building, Unioninkatu 24, 2 nd floor) and will form into a procession. This procession will be led by the Chancellor, the Rector, the Vice-Rectors and the Director of Administration, followed by the Deans and the new professors in the order of faculties (Theology, Law, Medicine, Arts, Science, Pharmacy, Biosciences, Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry and Veterinary Medicine).

The ceremony will begin in the Great Hall with an inaugural address delivered by the Chancellor. Next, one of the incoming professors will give his or her inaugural lecture. After this inaugural lecture, the Chancellor will hand out the letters of appointment. The ceremony will begin and conclude with musical performances.

After the ceremony, the University will hold a reception in the foyer of the Great Hall and in the Teachers’ Lounge.

Inaugural lecture

The inaugural lecture provides an overview of the major issues of the discipline and is aimed at both the academic community and the general public. The lecture should last 20 minutes.

Dress code

Men usually wear a tailcoat with a black waistcoat and a white bow tie, while women wear black attire. Clerics may wear clerical attire, and those who have completed their doctoral degree at a foreign university may use the gown of that institution. The appointees carry with them their Doctor’s hats.

Inauguration 2 December 2015

Programme (pdf)

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