Making a bequest

The person making the bequest can decide how the funds are to be used. The full amount or a part of it can be allocated directly to a specific field of research, or to the University of Helsinki in general. 

A trusted friend, lawyer or similar reliable person can help with the making of a bequest. The University can help formulate the wording of the bequest to determine how it is allocated, etc., if the person making the bequest so wishes.

The University commits to adhering to the donor’s will as it is specified in the bequest in a way that ensures a long-term impact.

Funds can be bequeathed directly to a specific field of research to be used by the relevant faculty, or they can be used to establish a fund bearing the name of the donor. Rules for the fund will be drafted according to the will.

Named funds will be established as part of a discipline-specific fund.  The fund can also be established during the lifetime of the person making the bequest.

The University’s donor relations staff will draft the rules for the fund and provide advice on any issues relating to its establishment.  The fund will be established as part of the University of Helsinki Funds by the decision from the University’s chief financial officer.

If you have questions related to legacies and donating to the University of Helsinki, we kindly ask you to contact the University of Helsinki Donor Relations.

Telephone: +29 41 21650
Post: PL 53 (Fabianinkatu 32), FI-00014 UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI