What is the work of the future?
What kind of skills are needed and how are they acquired?

For answers to these questions, all members of the University community are welcome to visit the Career Festival, which will explore much-discussed changes in the world of work, present inspiring career stories and provide top tips for job hunting.

The Career Festival will take over the 2nd floor of the University of Helsinki’s Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33) on 24 October, 14.00–18.00. Listen to inspiring talks on the main stage, participate in workshops on adjoining stages, network with exhibitors in the lobby and pitch your ideas to employers.


The programme on the main stage is in Finnish. Swedish and English events have been marked separately.


Main Stage (PR sl 1)

14.00 - 14.30 Tulevaisuuden työ - mistä murroksessa on kyse
Demos Helsinki, Julia Jousilahti

15.00 - 15.30 Mitä opiskelijan täytyy osata tulevaisuudessa?
ETLA, tutkimuspäällikkö, KTT, Antti Kauhanen

16.00 - 16.30 Miten tieteellä mennään työelämään
Panelisteina Tieteentekijöiden liiton toiminnanjohtaja Eeva Rantala, professori Jaakko Kuorikoski ja Vuoden tieteentekijä -palkitut Virpi Hämeen-Anttila (2004) ja Kimmo Svinhufvud (2014)

17.00 - 18.00 Akateeminen yrittäjyys ja innovaatiot – keitä varten

  • Suomen yrittäjät, järjestöpäällikkö Joonas Mikkilä
  • Helsinki Think Company, toimitusjohtaja Matti Petteri Pöntiö

Tieteestä toimintaa - miten tiedettä viedään yhteiskuntaan?

  • Skolar/Kaskas, co-founder Maria Ruuska

Science Pitch – ideat esiin

Slush Science Pitch -voittaja Copla
4UNI-ratkaisukilpailun voittaja Knoppi
Helsinki Challenge -kisan voittajat:
NEMO - Natural Emotionality in Digital Interaction
Biodiversity Now

Runeberg hall

Having trouble finding a job? Need advice on writing job applications? Participate in the CV session organised by Career Services to find out what your application and CV should include and what they should look like. The sessions will be held in Finnish, Swedish and English.

• 2.30 pm CV info (in Finnish)
• 3.30 pm CV info (in Swedish)
• 4.30 pm CV info (In English)

No registration is required – we will welcome as many participants as the room can fit.

Reading room (Lehtisali)

Students are always interested in career stories. There is something to learn from in each alumni’s career story. In alumni’s teatime, two alumni will share the story of how their career began after studies. The alumni are interviewed by Member of the Board Katariina Styrman from the Alumni Association, who is also the CEO of the Finnish Sauna Society and alumni of the Faculty of Arts.

• 2.30 pm Alumni’s teatime
• 3.30 pm Alumni’s teatime
• 4.30 pm Alumni’s teatime (in English)

Following alumni will be present:



Auditorium II

(in Finnish)
Are your hidden social media sorcerer skills still waiting to be found? Do you think marketing your own skills is a challenging prospect? Are you unsure about using LinkedIn? Now you have a great opportunity to learn how to use the number one job hunting media, LinkedIn, with the help of leading trainer Juho Toivola (MA)!

The intensive workshops introduce you to using LinkedIn and feature the best tips and advice for finding your dream job.
The workshop lasts for half an hour and is organised at 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30 pm.

No advance registration is required, and we will take in as many participants as the premises allow.

Lobby, 2nd floor, Main Building:

Meet employers and pitch your ideas!

The following companies and organisations will be present:

Employers will be looking for trainees and staff.  Prepare to briefly introduce yourself.

Lobby, 2nd floor, Main Building:

The following exhibitors will present their services:

  • Career Services
  • EU Careers Ambassador
  • Helsingin yrittäjät (part of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises)
  • Helsinki Think Company
  • HY+
  • Naisyrittäjyyskeskus ry
  • NewCo Helsinki
  • Student Union of the University of Helsinki
  • The Alumni Association
  • The University of Helsinki
  • The Helsinki University Researchers’ and Teachers’ Association, HUART
  • Akava unions at the event
    Come and meet with a trade union representative from your field and discuss working life, job seeking and wage issues. One of the most important tasks of the unions is to offer support at all the different phases of your working career. The following Akava affiliates will be represented at the fair:
  • Akava Special Branches
  • The Union of Finnish Clergy
  • Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ)
  • Union of Professional Social Workers
  • Finnish Pharmacists’ Association
  • Tranlastion Industry Professionals
  • Social Science Professionals, and
  • Finnish Union of Environmental Professionals. 

Vestibule, Main Building (Unioninkatu entrance) next to Reading Room

Fill your pockets with business cards and network in Speednetworking! The aim of this supervised speed networking session is to introduce each student to six alumni through fast and fun encounters. Each pair has two minutes to get to know each other by answering the moderator’s questions. The session will be an easy and entertaining opportunity for networking.

The event will take place in the second-floor hallway of the University’s Main Building.

Why participate? Speed networking is a fun opportunity to practise your social skills. It is amazing how much you can learn about someone in just two minutes. We also recommend exchanging business cards: employers may find the employee they have been looking for…

Speednetworking is organised at 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30 pm.