We are excited that you are planning to study at the University of Helsinki. On the new students pages we have collected information that is useful for you when you are preparing for your studies at the University of Helsinki. Remember to read carefully all the information concerning first steps and enrollment.

On top of that, don't miss the information below.  See you in Helsinki! And maybe at the Think Corner!

Supportive Staff

The University of Helsinki has a laid back atmosphere leading to a relaxed study environment. Even though academic freedom is higly valued, it does not mean the students are left alone-. Feedback from our international students states that it is surprisingly easy to approach the professors an the teachers at the university if in need of help or consultation.

The six Student Service points provide services for all students at the University of Helsinki. Contact: student services!

Welcome Fair events

Each autumn and spring, before the classes begin, there is a Wlcome Fair and orientation for new international students. These are a not-to-be missed opportunity to get to know the Campuses and the University of Helsinki and to get all the official stuff out of the way.  The orientation gives you and excellent opportunity to get a lot of information which makes the start of your studies and life in Finland as easy and pleasant as possible.

We love our Student Union

Student life is an important part of your experience at the University of Helsinki. The best way to make most of your student life is to be part of the active community of students, the Student Union of University of Helsinki (HYY). HYY provides its 28 000 members with various membership benefits and servises, advocacy work and several events throughout the year.

The student organisation culture is exceptionally rich and diverse in Finland and in Helsinki. Over 250 different student organisations within HYY open a field of opportunities and make sure you find the right people for right activities. Participating in organisations and their events is a great way to network, meet people, make friends, have fun, learn new skills and challenge yourself. In addition there are many other organisations from sport to culture organisations operating within HYY. More information about organisations you can find from the links below.

On the way to the top

Career Services provides you with guidance and support from the very start of your studies until one year after the completion of your degree. Career Services offers individual career counselling, courses about career planning, and workshops that focus on job-searching skills. In all of these, there is a strong emphasis on self-assessment and how best to express one’s strengths and areas of expertise. Career Services coordinates a group mentoring programme together with the alumni association and alumni office.

You can join the new  UH Career Forum Facebook group, which promotes international students’ awareness of Finnish labour market practices. It’s a forum where students, alumni and others can interact in connection with themes specific to job hunting in Finland.

Improve your networks

As a University of Helsinki student you will be our alumni and can take part in our alumni activities. Different types of events from casual get-togethers to interesting lectures and more formal occasions are frequently organized on our four campuses. The university organizes events also abroad so the alumni connection can stay strong even after graduation.

The alumni contact managers also plan and execute alumni activities and meetings for students and alumni through mentoring and alumni lectures. We are looking forward to developing our international alumni activities together with the students and the alumni. Let us know, if you have some ideas!

Being part of the alumni network offers many opportunities to make new connections!

Register as an alumni in and join our alumni activities!

Learning by doing

Helsinki Think Company is a meeting place for new kind of entrepreneurship in the middle of the city and on the Viikki Campus, where students, researcher and business-minded people can build networks. It is a communal workspace, a scene of events and a platform for creating business out ideas streaming from the university.

Think Corner 2017

Think Corner welcomes everyone to see, hear about and experience university research and teaching. Built around scientific themes and individual events, Think Corner’s programme deals with the versatile world-class reseach conducted at the university as well as with topical red-hot issues. Think Corner bring science to the street level with informative sessions, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions, aiming to present a broad spectrum of science in an easily understandable manner.

Think Corner activities will be further expanded. In 2017, the same year that Finland celebrates its centenary, a new and increasingly versatile Think Corner will be opened in new facilities at Yliopistonkatu 4.


According to our students, there are so many events going on! If you have not found something that interests you really much it only means you have not been searching well enough.

Helsinki is a beautiful package of everything you need. Here you’ll get to live in a vibrant and international city at the doorsteps of beautiful nature. This Nordic seaside capital is full of inspiring cafés, tasty restaurants, culture events and trendy clubs. Furthermore, in Helsinki you will get to experience 4 beautiful seasons: amazing summer nights, colorful autumn, white snowy winters and unbelievably green springtime. You will find lots of ways to enjoy the different times of the year, whether or not you’re a nature person.

Your local guide to the best of Helsinki!

"Walking around the fortress islands is like jumping into the history of the Baltic Sea and the geopolitics of the Gulf of Finland. The historic fortifications are reminders of Finland’s and Helsinki’s military legacy between East and West. Today this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a charming cultural and tourist attraction that is well worth a visit any time of the year."

Laura Kolbe
Finnish professor of European history at the University of Helsinki. She is also a Helsinki City Council member, representing the Centre Party.

This is Finland!

The Finns achieved independence on December 6, 1917. The nation celebrates its 100th year with numerous events throughout 2017 in Finland and all around the world. Read more from the website This is Finland!

Fact about Finland