Instructions for those who have applied (85243387728)

This page is meant for you if you have applied to the following programme:

Master's Admission, Master's Programme in Forest Sciences, Master of Science (Agriculture and Forestry) (2 years)

Ad­mis­sion res­ults

Please read carefully the page Applicant-specific information. It contains information about admission results, tuition fees, scholarships, deadlines for various actions etc.

Ac­cep­ted ap­plic­ants

If your application was accepted, first do the following:

⚠ Please note that some of the actions you need to take have a deadline. If you miss a deadline, you may lose your study place.

Then do the following:

Re­jec­ted ap­plic­ants

If your application was rejected, please acquaint yourself with the following pages:

  • How to apply
    Re-acquaint yourself with this page if your application was rejected because you did not follow the instructions on how to apply.

  • Appealing against a decision
    Follow the instructions on this page if you find a decision regarding admission to be incorrect and you wish to appeal against it.