In order to accommodate the growing number of international master's students starting their studies in autumn 2017, the University of Helsinki has reserved 39 additional rooms and studios from Unihome and Hoas. These apartments are intended only for Master’s degree students who are moving to Finland and are liable to pay a tuition fee.

The apartments are furnished, have been recently renovated and have excellent public transport connections. If you match the criteria mentioned above, we strongly recommend applying for housing from this quota as these apartments' rents are lower than market prices and they are distributed in the first come first served order!

Apartment types

Housing Provider Units Type Square meters Price per month Address Part of town City  
Unihome 4 studio 23,50 m2 630 € Maneesikatu 4 Kruununhaka Helsinki  
Unihome 15 studio 20 m2 - 28 m2 420 € - 588 € Vuolukiventie 1 b Pihlajamäki Helsinki  
Hoas 7 studio + common kitchen 24,5 m2 - 30,5 m2 559 € - 619 € Välimerenkatu 5 Jätkäsaari Helsinki  
Hoas 3 studio 31 m2 - 35 m2 455 € - 495 € Harustie 7 Rastila Helsinki  
Hoas 6 room in 3-room apartment 12,5  m2 315 € Harustie 8 Rastila Helsinki  
Hoas 4 room in 2-room apartment 13 m2 394 € Harustie 8 Rastila Helsinki  


A room in a shared apartment is one bedroom for a single person in an apartment shared by 2-3 other students. You will share a kitchen and a bathroom with other students in the same apartment. There are separate shared apartments for male and female students. The apartments have a kitchen with a stove/oven and refrigerator, usually one bathroom and a toilet. In addition some apartments may have a balcony and a common living area.

Please see what is included in Hoas' furnished apartments here. For the furnishings of Unihome's apartments, please check the links in the table above.

Im­port­ant to know be­fore ap­ply­ing

The studios and rooms are reserved for students moving to Finland who have been accepted to complete a Master's Degree at the University of Helsinki and are liable to pay a tuition fee.

Please apply by the 15th of May. Kindly note that submitting the housing application does not guarantee a housing offer. Please also note that you may receive an offer for a different accommodation type than what you selected in your housing application.

If you apply for housing from this quota, please refrain from applying for an apartment directly through Hoas’ website until you know whether you have received housing from this quota. Otherwise there is a risk that your applications will get mixed. Apartments in this quota are furnished, unlike apartments that you would apply for directly from Hoas.

In case you did not apply for an apartment by the 15th of May, but still wish to enquire whether some apartments are available, please contact

Terms and conditions

  • You will need to pay a 500 euro deposit when accepting the housing offer.
  • The residence period is from August 1st to July 31st with a fixed-term contract that cannot be terminated in the middle of the term. After this fixed term rental agreement you can apply for a standard unfurnished apartment from Hoas. Unihome nor Hoas cannot guarantee an apartment offer after the fixed term rental agreement has ended.

Ap­plic­a­tion steps

  1. Pay your tuition fee.
  2. Fill in the application form as soon as possible, but no later than May 15, 2017. The rooms and studios are distributed in the order of applicants completing steps 1 and 2. You can submit only one application.
  3. Confirm your housing with Unihome or Hoas after you receive a housing offer by email. The confirmation is done by sending a signed tenancy agreement and a receipt of the paid deposit (500 euro) back to Hoas or Unihome. You will get further information on how to confirm your housing in the email from Hoas or Unihome.
  4. If you applied for housing through this quota, do not apply for Hoas housing directly from Hoas’ website. Please wait to first find out whether you received a room or studio from this quota.

NB! In case you did not apply for an apartment by the 15th of May, but still wish to enquire whether some apartments are available, please contact

We hope that this apartment for your first year of studies will give you a good start for your life in Finland!


If you have questions regarding the application process for housing, please send an e-mail to

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