1. What kind of programmes and degrees are offered at the University of Helsinki in English?

The University of Helsinki offers Master’s degree programmes completely in English. You can find all of our International Master's Programmes from the degree finder.

The University of Helsinki has a doctoral education system consisting of four doctoral schools and 32 doctoral programmes.


2. Can I apply for a Bachelor’s degree?

Regrettably, the University of Helsinki does not offer any Bachelor’s degree programmes in English. Only the two domestic languages, Finnish and Swedish, can be used in undergraduate studies. Also the entrance examinations, which have to be passed to be admitted to undergraduate studies, are given entirely or partly in Finnish and Swedish. The University of Helsinki does not arrange any preparation or pre-studies courses for applicants, language or otherwise. All applicants must have the necessary academic and language skills at the time when they are applying to the University of Helsinki.


3. How can I get admission?

The application period for International Master's Programmes beginning the autumn of 2018 (2018 admissions) will be on 1st December 2017 – 12th January 2018. Please check the application instructions.


The application periods for doctoral studies are as follows:

1st – 14th  September 2017
1st – 14th  November 2017 (only some doctoral programmes)
1st – 14th  February 2018 (only some doctoral programmes)
3rd – 16th  April 2018

More information on how to apply to doctoral studies.


4. Am I eligible to apply?

You must have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent to qualify for entry to an International Master's Programme. Your Bachelor's degree does not always have to be exactly in the same field you are applying for. However, your existing Bachelor's degree must have modules or parts that are relevant for the Master's programme you are applying for. Some programmes do specify that they require the Bachelor's degree to be from a certain field. Please see the individual programme's website for more information.

Detailed information regarding the types of degrees that are acceptable cannot be given in advance. The final assessment of your existing degree and previous studies will be carried out once you have submitted your application - along with the requested documents - but not before.

In addition, you also need to meet the English language requirements. Please see question 9 for further information on the language requirements.


When applying for doctoral studies, the main rule of eligibility is that you must hold either a Finnish Master’s degree or a foreign degree that is roughly comparable to a Finnish Master’s degree. A foreign degree is, as a rule, considered comparable when it makes you eligible to apply for doctoral studies in the country where you have completed the degree. Acquaint yourself both with the general rules of eligibility and with the possible additional, doctoral programme- specific rules well before applying.


5. Are there any age restrictions when applying to a degree programme at the University of Helsinki?

There are no age restrictions. Anyone meeting the eligibility requirements can apply.


6. I have not yet graduated. Can I still apply to a Master’s programme?

You can apply to a Master’s programme even if you are in the middle of the last year of your undergraduate university studies. You should send in the documents that you have available at the moment of applying. Do not wait until you receive your final diploma or degree certificate, if it is not available within the application period. If you get accepted to a Master’s programme, your admission will be conditional and you will receive instructions on how to submit your final degree certificate.


7. Which documents are required and where do I send them?

  • An officially certified copy of your official transcript of records, that includes all the course units that you have completed for your degree, their completion time and the grades and credits awarded. It should also include information on the grading scale used at your institution at the time of study.
  • An officially certified copy of your diploma / degree certificate.

The documents above must be submitted in their original language and as official translations (into English, Finnish, or Swedish). All educational documents must be either officially certified by the awarding institution, or legalised. Officially certified copies issued by a Finnish Notary Public are also accepted.

Please see the instructions for submitting documents

Remember to pay attention to the country-specific requirements

Please note, that we can't make any advance assessments on your documents or their eligibility. All documents need to be submitted according to the given instructions, documents can not be handed in personally to the Admission Services or University Admissions Finland.

It is always the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that the application documents reach University Admissions Finland by the given deadline.  University Admissions Finland does not process any application documents that have arrived after the deadline.


8. Is there an application fee?

No, there are no application fees when applying to Master's or doctoral programmes.


9. How can I prove my English language skills?

When applying to Master’s degree programmes or doctoral programmes in English, you need to prove your English language skills. Please see the instructions for proving your English language skills

Please note that the language requirements may vary according to which degree programme you are applying to.


10. How many Master's programmes can I apply to?

You can apply to as many International Master's Programmes as you want. Please note however, that if you apply for several programmes you have to submit a separate set of required documents for each of the programmes. The only exceptions to this rule are language test documents and electronic transcripts.


11. What do the studies cost? Are there any tuition fees and can I apply for a scholarship?

One academic year in the University of Helsinki’s foreign-language or multilingual Master’s degree programmes costs between €13,000 and €18,000 for students coming from outside the EU or EEA.

Tuition fees for students coming from outside the EU/EEA were adopted in all Finnish universities from autumn 2017. The fees are only charged for programmes in non-Finnish or multiple languages, not programmes offered in Finnish or Swedish.

More information on the tuition fees

Be 1* of the Best is our scholarship programme for students who are applying to the University of Helsinki. These scholarships are intended for excellent students from outside the EU/EEA who want to do a Master's programme at the University of Helsinki. Grants can be applied while applying to the Masters’ programmes at the University of Helsinki.