Career placement

Despite recent changes in the labour market a university degree is still valuable. A degree from the University of Helsinki gives abilities and tools which help graduates succeed on the labour market. Career Services follow the careers of University of Helsinki graduates five years after the completion of their master’s degree. The monitoring is carried out every other year. Students who graduated in year 2011 were asked about their employment situation in year 2016. Respondents were generally satisfied with their degree and the current job.

Career Services monitor the placement of graduates of the University of Helsinki with regular career placement reports. The monitoring takes place every other year, five years after the completion of one’s degree for master’s degrees, and two to three years for doctoral degrees. All reports are available in Finnish.

  • Career Monitoring report 2016 contains:
    1. Introduction: Basic information about the career monitoring survey and development of reporting on career monitoring at the University of Helsinki 2016–17
    2. Support for analysis: Key figures about the development of the labour market situation of higher degree holders since 2000
    3. University of Helsinki Career monitoring report. Master's level graduates and graduates of pharmacy and early childhood education, 2003–2011.
  • The 2014 survey for University of Helsinki’s graduates of 2009 in comparison with the 2012 survey for graduates of 2007: results

The register of the career monitoring survey at the universities of Finland for graduates with a master’s degree or discontinued bachelor’s degree.

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