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*We are among the top 1% of the world's research universities.

Become 1* of the best by studying among the best

There are thousands of universities in the world, and the University of Helsinki is proud to be constantly ranked among the top one hundred best universities. According to the latest Times Higher Education World University Ranking, the University of Helsinki retained its position as the best multidisciplinary university in the Nordic countries. We are better than 99.9% of the rest, so by studying with us you can become one of the best too!

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Some facts about the University of Helsinki

  • The biggest university in Finland with over 35 000 students, 6% international
  • 11 faculties and 4 campuses within the Helsinki area
  • 8200 employees: 55% teaching and research staff (13% international)
  • 180 000 alumni all over the world

Learn from the top scientists

Do you have a dream of becoming one of those researchers who get cited? By studying with us you will get to participate in our top-notch research during your studies! The quality and amount of research is what makes the University of Helsinki stand out from the crowd. At the University of Helsinki all teachers participate in research, and some of our best scientists are also our best teachers.

This year the University of Helsinki improved its standing in a very important component of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings: the citation index of its publications. This reflects the high standard of the publications produced by our researchers in a great way!

Regarding what is likely to be the main goal in your life, studying at the top ranking university gives you numerous opportunities in your professional life. The University of Helsinki has an immaculate reputation and education received here is highly valued anywhere. A degree earned at a reputable institution makes seeking employment much easier.


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Be the change you want to see in the world

The foundation of science and applied research is high-quality basic research. It is also the key to sustainable well being of mankind. Many of our Master’s programmes are linked with research efforts that are crucial for the future of mankind. Climate research, medical advances in the treatment of epilepsy and cancer, and social and moral philosophy are just a few examples of this. By studying at the University of Helsinki you will learn how to make the world a better place, become a true world changer and ensure a bright future also for the next generation.


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Experience the vibrant capital of Helsinki

Helsinki has been ranked several times one of the best cities to live in the world. According to our students, there are so many events going on! If you have not found something that interests you really much it only means you have not been searching well enough.

Helsinki is a beautiful package of everything you need. Here you’ll get to live in a vibrant and international city at the doorsteps of beautiful nature. This Nordic seaside capital is full of inspiring cafés, tasty restaurants, culture events and trendy clubs. Furthermore, in Helsinki you will get to experience 4 beautiful seasons: amazing summer nights, colorful autumn, white snowy winters and unbelievably green springtime. You will find lots of ways to enjoy the different times of the year, whether or not you’re a nature person. Learn 10 reasons to study in Helsinki.

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