The duties of the Centre’s Board include

  • Deciding on strategic guidelines, possible reorganisations as well as large-scale cooperation agreements,
  • Approving the long-term action plan and budget for the full strategic term as well as the annual action plan and budget, and
  • Confirming the annual report.


Dean Jouko Väänänen of the Faculty of Science serves as the chair of the Board. 

The dean has invited the following members and deputy members from the host units of the LUMA facilities to the Board for the term 1 January 2017–31 December 2020:

Unit Member Deputy Member
Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences Professor Kurt Fagerstedt  Professor Veijo Kaitala
Faculty of Arts Professor Matti Miestamo University Lecturer Ulla Tuomarla
Faculty of Educational Sciences Professor Jari Lavonen Professor Markku Hannula
Faculty of Science  /     
    Department of Physics Professor Hannu Koskinen Professor Kaarle Hämeri
    Department of Geosciences and Geography Professor Juha Karhu Professor Mari Vaattovaara
    Department of Chemistry Professor Heikki Tenhu Professor Mikko Ritala
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics Professor Mats Gyllenberg Professor Juha Oikkonen
    Department of Computer Science Professor Sasu Tarkoma Professor Veli Mäkinen

Decisions at Board meetings are presented by the director of the Centre, Professor Maija Aksela.