Global Challenges Course for Youth 2019

Valokuvassa nuoret ratkovat globaaleita haasteita


The University of Helsinki, ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide, welcomes all young persons aged 15–19 to take part in developing innovations or novel approaches to address global challenges.

According its strategy, the University of Helsinki wants to have global impact. It is one of the reasons for the university to organise an international, multidisciplinary Global Challenges Course for Youth from around the world, in summer and autumn 2019. The course provides the participants with joy of insight and learning as well as many new friends. 

At the course, youth carry out small learning projects together in small teams with the young students and researchers of the university. Most of the collaborative learning takes place in online environment. 

The programme of the course is diverse and built on the basis of the applicants' interests. Many details are discussed and agreed upon at the online start meeting.

At the intensive period of the course in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, on August, the participants have an opportunity to meet each other as well as these young researchers and discuss about their research with them. The participants also have an opportunity to experience the city of Helsinki, considered as one of the world’s most liveable cities, as well as the unique Nordic summer.

Based on the strategy of the University of Helsinki and its faculties, the themes of the Global Challenges course in 2019 are

Climate Change (including, e.g. urbanization, rising sea level, drought, loss of biodiversity, refugees)

Digitalization (including, e.g. artificial intelligence, robotics, big data)

Energy (including, e.g. population growth, fossil fuel replacement, nanoscience) 

Wellbeing (including, e.g. health issues, aging, economic inequality, cultural diversity)

The language of the course is English. (In case there would be many Finnish participants, it may be considered whether the language of the course would be mixed, including also Finnish.)

The course will implement blended learning so that the participants work online (independently, with each other and with the university staff) and, if possible, also face-to-face at the intensive period in Helsinki.

The scope of the course corresponds to one credits (1 ECTS) or one Finnish high school course (which is, of course, slightly more than 1 ECTS). After the course, the participants will receive a diploma.

With a diploma, participants can, if necessary, request a course from their own high school. (Before applying for a course, all applicants are encouraged to ask for a course in high school from their headmaster/principal.)

The teams carrying out learning projects can participate with their project works in international StarT competition in 2019–2020.

Valokuvassa nuoret ratkovat globaaleita haasteita

Youth who have been selected as course participants from among the applicants will be instructed to the pay the course service fee before the course begins.

The service fee is 20 EUR (including VAT 24 %).

Only those who have paid the service fee by the given deadline, will be granted access to the course online platform etc.

The service fee can be only paid by credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Finnish youth can make the payment also as online payment ("verkkopankkimaksu").

The intensive period of the course will be organized in Helsinki, Finland, starting on August 5th.

During the intensive period the participants will, for example

  • meet other course participants,
  • get acquainted with the study and research facilities at the University of Helsinki,
  • meet those young researchers that are helping the participants with their learning projects,
  • have an opportunity to carry out some practical experiments for their projects in laboratory environment.

The course participants may choose, whether they will take part in the intensive period or not, and whether they will participate it for 3 days (from August 5th to 7th) or for 5 days (from August 5th to 9th).

N.B. The participants shall take care of their travel arrangements and expenses to and from Helsinki, Finland, and of their accommodation arrangements and expenses in Helsinki, as well as of their local travel expenses in Helsinki area.

The participants will be provided with a list of reasonably-priced accommodation options and local travel possibilities in Helsinki.

Valokuvassa nuoret ratkovat globaaleita haasteita

June 13th at 16:00–19:00 Finnish time (UTC+3)

Getting started
The online meeting is recorded for those can not attend.

June & July

Carrying out learning tasks and project work with teammates under the guidance of university staff

August 5th – 7th or 9th

Helsinki, Finland
Intensive period

October 30th at 16:00–19:00 Finnish time (UTC+3)

Final meeting
The date for the final meeting is preliminary. The date will be changed, if necessary.

Valokuvassa nuoret ratkovat globaaleita haasteita

All young persons from all around the world can apply for the course via online application form by May 12th, 2019.

All applicants will be notified on May 20th, 2019.

The organizing team will select the participants based on the applications. There will be maximum of 20 participants at the course. The participants will be divided in smaller teams (ca. 3–5 person in each team), based on the challenge they have chosen as the most interesting and on the type of participation (whether they will take part in the intensive period or not).

The organizing team will send to selected participants instructions for paying the service fee.

Valokuvassa nuoret ratkovat globaaleita haasteita

Gen­eral En­quir­ies

Please send the general enquiries about the course to our service address

Course Leader

The responsible course leader is Professor, Dr. Maija Aksela, director of the University of Helsinki Science Education Centre.

Course Guides

The participants are guided during the course by university staff members Markus Jylhä (Mr), Salla Merenheimo (Ms) and Iisa Rautiainen (Ms) as well as by selected students.


Young researchers (doctoral students and post docs) working at the university are providing their expertise to the participants.

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