Johan Gadolin

ChemistryLab Gadolin is a versatile, active learning environment which offers fascinating experiences for schools and educational institutions. The goal is to support teaching and learning in chemistry, promote interest in chemistry, increase awareness of the extensive field of chemistry, provide information about studies and careers in chemistry, and offer experiences of learning chemistry.

The focus of our work is on active study visits, during which groups from educational institutions of different levels can conduct chemistry experiments in a real university laboratory, discover the possibilities of molecular modelling in our computer classes, meet with researchers and visit their research laboratories, as well as find out about chemistry as a field and as a topic of studies.

The study visits are free of charge. The content of the visits is always planned with the teacher of the group, with the educational goals in mind.

The University of Helsinki, companies, learning communities of various levels as well as several other partners are helping Gadolin reach its goals.

Opened in autumn 2008, ChemistryLab Gadolin was named after the Finnish chemist Johan Gadolin (1760-1852).