ChemistryLab Gadolin

Johan Gadolin

ChemistryLab Gadolin is a versatile, active learning environment which offers fascinating experiences for schools and educational institutions. The goal is to support teaching and learning in chemistry, promote interest in chemistry, increase awareness of the extensive field of chemistry, provide information about studies and careers in chemistry, and offer experiences of learning chemistry.

The focus of our work is on active study visits, during which groups from educational institutions of different levels can conduct chemistry experiments in a real university laboratory, discover the possibilities of molecular modelling in our computer classes, meet with researchers and visit their research laboratories, as well as find out about chemistry as a field and as a topic of studies.

The study visits are free of charge. The content of the visits is always planned with the teacher of the group, with the educational goals in mind.

The University of Helsinki, companies, learning communities of various levels as well as several other partners are helping Gadolin reach its goals.

Opened in autumn 2008, ChemistryLab Gadolin was named after the Finnish chemist Johan Gadolin (1760-1852).

The topics of the study visits are planned to support the educational goals of the group. The experiments available for study visits can be found in our work instructions. The schedule and duration of the visit can be freely chosen in our reservation calendar. Decide which time would suit you best before you call.

The duration of the visit can range from one to eight hours. According to your wishes, the study visit can feature experimental laboratory work, molecular modelling on a computer, visits to research laboratories, a general introduction or a tour of the Kumpula Campus. The study visit will be designed to support the teaching goals for the group, in terms of both content and methods, and to support the pupils’ interest in chemistry.

The study visits are supervised by the part-time supervisors of ChemistryLab Gadolin. Our supervisors are students of chemistry who have been trained to work as Gadolin supervisors.


ChemistryLab Gadolin provides school groups an excellent environment to visit a real university laboratory of chemistry. Our laboratory has many traditional laboratory tools as well as the latest in laboratory technology. Our newest equipment includes a FTIR spectrometer, a gas chromatograph, a spectrophotometer and other automated analysis instruments. Gas experiments can be conducted and observed using helium, carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen. The teaching for the experiments and the use of the equipment provides pupils with a clear basic understanding of research methods in chemistry as well as the theories behind the experiments. The teaching supports the pupils’ understanding and interest and motivates them to think and discover things independently. We try to follow the method of inquiry-based learning and to give pupils the sense of acting in the role of a researcher.

Our selection of experiments has various options which are suitable for different educational levels and topics. We develop our teaching and new experiments together with our partners. The experiments fall under five themes: everyday chemistry, green chemistry, materials chemistry, energy, and the newest theme, people, health and wellbeing. You can choose and request the experiments you are interested in.

Our laboratories have a sufficient number of lab coats, protective eyewear and safety gloves. These are basic equipment for researchers and chemistry students whenever they work at a laboratory. With us, science is safe and interesting.

ChemistryLab Gadolin offers a broad selection of experiments which the teacher of the group can request when reserving the study visit.

Right now we are in the process of collecting our experiment instructions in English to a new web page. You can enter the collection through this link.

We also offer several impressive demonstrations which the visit guides can perform.

The demonstrations demonstrate and astonish, and are intended to activate the pupils’ thinking as well as illustrate the connection between natural phenomena and their theoretical explanation. Several of these demonstrations can be performed at school.

After laboratory work, molecular modelling is our most popular activity. Our supervisors plan and tailor modelling assignments to suit the selected theme and experiments.

The study visits can also include an introduction to studying chemistry at the University, a visit to a chemistry research group or an opportunity to meet researchers.

Are you looking for an exciting way to have a memorable birthday party or other celebration? In ChemistryLab Gadolin we organize popular chemistry related science parties. We offer different theme packages or can plan a custom party based on your wishes. 

In science parties you will get to learn and experience new and fascinating things in an authentic laboratory environment. During the party you will be taken care of by our trained and capable Gadolin instructors. 

More information about science parties and how to book one, please see:

The visits for the student groups to the lab are made possible by various sponsors.

The main sponsor is Neste.


Minor sponsors include several Finnish and international companies, e.g. AGABASF, Borealis, Bruker Corporation, Kemianteollisuus ry - The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland , Kemira and Thermo Fisher Scientific.