A new blog on science education, "Makers of the future at the heart", has been started

A new blog on science education has been started!

Science education is strengthening of scientific knowhow and it covers all fields of science. The University of Helsinki has carried out research-based science education systematically and collaboratively since 2003. The most important aim is to inspire children and the youth – the makers of the future – towards studying science.

This is also a central element in the new blog on science education, Makers of the future at the heart: Comprehension and joy of success for all! The aim of the new blog is to bring forth current issues of science education as well as the new innovations and needs for it from various viewpoints. The blog presents how science education is developed collaboratively in interaction between different partners and how science education is a part of all operations at the university: teaching, research and societal interaction. The latest research on different fields of science and on education of them, as well as the processing and dissemination of the knowledge, is in the core of science education operations.

The blog posts are written by researchers, developers and friends of science education as well as by representatives of the collaboration partners. The Director of the Science Education Centre, Professor Maija Aksela, naturally has the privilege to write the first one as she has participated in forming the science education operations since the beginning. The topic of the first writing is Research on Science Education Supporting the Makers of the FutureThe next post will be written by the Vice Director of the Science Education Centre, Professor Juha Oikkonen.

The blog was established to honor a special day for science education. February 28th – the Kalevala day, or a day for celebrating Finnish culture – in 2019 celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the opening of the first Science Education Centre at the University of Helsinki. (Back then it was called LUMA Centre, but today the broader name Science Education Centre is used.)

You can find the blog on science education here.