Teachers' Climate Change Forum
University of Helsinki Science Education (a part of national LUMA Centre Finland) and Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) are organizing international Teachers' Climate Change Forum 2023 (TCCF) continuous professional development program for teachers in all levels of education.
International Teachers’ Climate Change Forum

We organize TCCF conference annually. The conference deals with climate science, climate education and the connection between these two domains. The forum has been organized since 2017. In 2019, it was arranged in the Hyytiälä Research Station but in the years 2020-2022 it was online.

International Teachers’ Climate Change Forum is held on 2.-3. October 2023 as a hybrid event.

Morning sessions are held in English and can be attended remotely. Afternoons are on site in Hyytiälä research station, where there will be hands on work with teachers and community building. There is a possibility to create hubs outside Finland where local teachers can attend the forum together, meet each other and discuss on afternoon workshop topics. You can also choose to attend only the virtual event in the mornings. More information about the event will be added here later.

Before the conference, we recommend that you orientate to the topic with our online materials (linked below), but this is not mandatory.

Climate.now -MOOC

Before the Teachers' Climate Change -Forum we recommend you to orientate towards climate change education with Climate.now -MOOC. It is a course on the basics of climate system, its change and effects of the change, how to mitigate and adapt to changing climate.In addition to providing the basic knowledge, another equally important goal is to reinforce the student’s understanding of climate change as a deep human and societal challenge and to give everyone the means to participate in resolving it.

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