Science of Singing

Why do we sing? What happens in us and to us when we sing? Is it good for us? Does voice matter to identity?

The interdisciplinary symposium ‘Science of Singing’ brings together scholars and professionals in the field of choral singing, health and well-being. The lectures of the symposium explore the phenomenon of singing from various angles, as a physical, social and cultural practice. The concert of the symposium puts current research and contemporary choral music in dialogue. The concert invites the audience to ponder whether the voice permits us to grasp such aspects of our existence which cannot be expressed in words.

Whether you are a researcher, an amateur singer or pro, choir conductor or just curious about singing, this event is for you. Both the symposium and the concert are free of charge and open to everyone. Please register here.

The event is co-organized by the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Arts and the Academic Choral Society of University of Helsinki (Akateeminen Laulu).