History of Experience

The theories, methodologies, and concepts of studying experiences were discussed in the conference History of Experience.

The first conference of HEX (The Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions) was held at the University of Tampere on 4-5 March 2019. Focusing on the methods used to uncover, study and analyze ‘experience’ in the past, it brought together a number of themes and perspectives on different concepts expressing ‘experience’.

PI Josephine Hoegaerts gave a presentation on the claims to vocal experience and expertise underpinning practices studied in the CALLIOPE project. The presentation was based on Hoegaerts' article Chewing Demosthenes’ Pebbles: Embodied Experience Making the Scientist’s Persona, ca.1830-1910, published in Persona Studies 4/1, 2018. The article is open access.

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