Discoverers of the Hidden Land

Josephine Hoegaerts' article "'Discoverers of the Hidden Land': New Images of the Voice in the Late Nineteenth Century" has been published in the interdisciplinary journal Victorian Review.

The Victorian Review forum on the voice in the nineteenth century has recently been put out in the spring edition of Victorian Review, containing articles on stuttering and literature, the art of conversation, embodied phantom rhythms and other explorations of the history of the human voice. Josephine Hoegaerts' essay deals with medical knowledge and vocabularies of the voice in the nineteenth century, and particularly on the narratives of 'discovery' that were connected to the generation of knowledge about the vocal cords and voice box (as ways to 'seeing' the invisible). The article is avalaible on the website of Project MUSE.

The forum as a whole was edited/put together by Dr. Daniel Martin (McEwan University, Edmonton, Canada).