Virtual and augmented reality

New display technologies offer fascinating possibilities, but are also challenging for the human brains. In our research we use experimental methods to measure experience and performance in augmented reality. Currently we focus to determinants of virtual reality sickness and to the legibility and readability in virtual and augmented reality. The research is funded by Business Finland project Human Optimized XR (

Perception of photographs

In our research of perception of photographs we study the cognitive processes and their relation to the camera image processing.

From the cognitive viewpoint we want to understand how meaning emerges from images and how judgements about image truthfulness is made. In other words, how does the photographic image become a justified as a truthful description of reality? This is currently funded by Academy of Finland project Post-digital Epistemologies of the Photographic Image (PEPI), which is cooperation project with University of Tampere and University of Arts.

From the image processing viewpoint we research how the image processing in digital cameras affect perception of photographs. These projects have been funded by company research cooperation projects. As part of the image quality studies we have developed subjective image and video quality databases, which are available here: