Course name: Cell Biology of Virus Infections.

Course code: MMB-116 |Master level, 5 credit course |Faulty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki

I developed this new course in 2018 with the goal of merging three disciplines: Cell Biology, Microbiology and Experimental Planning.

The course gives students the possibility to use simultaneously the knowledge from two major disciplines - Cell Biology and Microbiology - and combine it with real aspects of laboratory research, from formulating a scientific question to the planning of experiments using state-of-the-art technologies.

The course includes a series of lectures where teachers and students interact to formulate and address scientific questions, group works, home assignments, and the unique opportunity to chat with national and international world-class scientists that are invited to the course to be interviewed by the students!

Their journey starts with the mysterious question of "how do human viruses infect their target cells and how can we study this process?" We will look at all aspects of cell functioning but from an unconventional point of view. The virus point of view! Come join us :)