ViPS Retreat 2018

The traditional retreat of the plant biology researchers from the Viikki campus will be held at the Petäys resort,120 km north of Helsinki from Monday 10th to Tuesday 11th September 2018.
The meeting is traditionally made up of sessions of PI talks outlining the research of their whole group and future directions.

The meeting will start the 2018 Autumn series of ViPS Invited seminars and Plant Club. There will therefore be no invited seminar or Plant Club in September.

Participation includes: return bus transport from Viikki to Petäys, use of the conference facilities, coffee breaks, meals, accommodation, use of the sauna complex including hot tub, jacuzzi and smoke sauna, participation in the social program and a visit to the vineyard at Lepaa!

The retreat is an excellent way to interact with members of the Viikki Plant research community from different research groups/doctoral programmes etc. in a relaxed setting.

Day 1: Monday 10th September
0830 Depart Viikki
1015 Arrive Petäys
1015-1045 Coffee, snack, welcome and introductions
1045-1215 Session 1, Chair: David Israel
1045-1115 Paula Elomaa: Patterning of head-like inflorescences in Asteraceae
1115-1145 Ari Pekka Mähönen: A mechanism to focus cambial cell division at the right place
1145-1215 Kristiina Mäkinen: Molecular insights into the functions of potyviral proteins VPg, HCPro and CP
1215-1300 Lunch
Session 2, Chair: Aleksia Vaattovaara
1300-1330 Kurt Fagerstedt: Ray parenchymal cells actively contribute to lignification of tracheids in developing xylem of Norway spruce
1330-1400 Pauliina Palonen: Cropping physiology and winter hardiness of berry crops
1400-1430 Teemu Teeri: Regulation of pinosylvin biosynthesis in Scots pine
1430-1450 Coffee break
1450-1600 Speed networking
1600-1800 Visit to the Lepaa vineyards, free time
1800-2000 Dinner
2000- Sauna, relaxing, free time

Day 2: Tuesday 11th September
Session 3, Chair: Yan Yan
0915-0945 Jaakko Kangasjärvi: Plant Stress
0945-1015 Anna Kärkönen: Respiratory burst oxidase homolog 1 of Norway spruce (Picea abies)
1015-1045 Jouko Rikkinen: Ongoing Biodiversity Studies in the Taita Hills, Kenya
1045-1100 Coffee Break
1100-1145 Meet your ideal matches!
1145-1230 Lunch
Session 4, Chair: Teng Zhang
1230-1300 Kristiina Himanen: Phenomics opportunities at Viikki campus
1300-1330 Mikael Brosché: Interaction between stress signaling pathways
1330-1400 Marika Tossavainen: Conversion of waste to valuable algal biomass
1415 Depart Petäys
1600 Arrive Viikki