Viikki Plants Retreat 2019

To be held at the Hyytiälä Forest Field Station from Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th May.


Day 1: Monday 13th May

0800 Depart Viikki

1100 Arrive Hyytiälä

1115 Lunch & check-in

1215 Introductions

1230-1400 Session 1, Chair: Richard Gossens

1230-1300 Mari Pihlatie: Recent activities of CH4 and N2O cycles in forests -group

1300-1330 Kristiina Mäkinen: Dissection of complex molecular interactions between viral proteins HCPro and VPg with N. benthamiana proteins

1330-1400 Teemu Teeri: Breeding for heartwood decay resistance in Scots pine: Is early selection possible?

1400-1430 Coffee break

1430-1515 Fascination of Plants Day videos: ViPS; Mäkelä group; Robson group; Elomaa group; Overmyer group; Mähönen group; Pihlatie group

1515-1800 Visit to Siikaneva mire complex (short drive plus 3km walk); visit to SMEAR II station (Hyytiälä), free time

1830-2000 Dinner

2000- Sauna, relaxing, free time

Day 2: Tuesday 14th May

0915-1045 Session 2, Chair: Javier Andres Jimenez

0915-0945 Kurt Fagerstedt: Ray parenchymal cells actively contribute to lignification of tracheids in developing xylem of Norway spruce

0945-1015 Jon Atherton: Remote chlorophyll fluorescence

1015-1045 Coffee Break

1045-1115 Teemu Hölttä: Xylem and phloem transport connecting source and sink processes in trees

1115-1145 Paula Elomaa: Patterning of Asteraceae heads

1145-1230 Lunch

1230-1400 Session 3, Chair: Linping Wang

1230-1300 Annikki Mäkelä: Use of isotopic signatures in modelling tree gas exchange

1300-1330 Mikael Brosché: The white mutant

1330-1400 Jaakko Kangasjärvi: ROS/Redox signaling

1415 Depart Hyytiälä

1715 Arrive Viikki