Principal Investigators (Group Leaders) Surnames A-K
There are 44 PIs (principle investigators) in the Viikki Plant Science Centre.
Pedro Aphalo

* Sensory ecology of plants

* Sensory photobiology in the ultraviolet and visible

* Methods for radiation quantification and manipulation

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Fred Asiegbu

* Forest Mycology and Pathology

* Tree-Microbe interactions

Fred Asiegbu's research group

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Helena Åström

* Plant ecophysiology and climate change (PECC)

* Overwintering of plants

Helena Åström's research group

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Jaana Bäck

* Production and emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds in boreal ecosystems

* Ecosystem-atmosphere interactions and climate change

* Research infrastructures

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Mikael Brosché
Paula Elomaa

* Regulation of Asteraceae inflorescence architecture

* Functional diversification of TCP transcription factors

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Kurt Fagerstedt

* Plant stress tolerance to abiotic factors, especially flooding

* Plant antioxidants and oxidative stress

* Plant cell walls, lignin biosynthesis and its regulation

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Anna Happonen (formerly Kärkönen)

Lignin biosynthesis

* Lignin and plant cell wall biosynthesis

* Plant tissue cultures

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Jussi Heinonsalo

* Carbon and nitrogen cycling in boreal forest soil

* Role of mycorrhizal fungi in belowground C and N dynamics

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Ykä Helariutta
Kristiina Himanen

* Ubiquitin proteasome system in flowering and innate immunity

* Project manager – National Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure (NaPPI)

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Teemu Hölttä

* Soil water relations in trees

* Physiology of xylem and phloem transport of water and sugars

* Water and carbon exchange with the atmosphere and soil in trees

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Timo Hytönen

* Molecular control of perennial growth cycle

* Drivers of climate adaptation in perennials

* Population genomics of woodland strawberry

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Marko Hyvärinen

* Plant adaptation and conservation

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Jaakko Hyvönen

* Bryology

* Cladistics

* Plant phylogenetic

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Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi

* Plant stress responses

* Organelle biology

* Light signalling

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Helena Korpelainen

* Population genetics of plants

* Plant adaptation

* DNA barcoding and metabarcoding

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Kajar Köster

* Disturbance ecology

* Greenhouse gas fluxes

* Ecosystem modelling

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