Principal Investigators (Group Leaders) Surname L-W
There are 44 PIs (principle investigators) in the Viikki Plant Science Centre.
Anna-Liisa Laine

* Plant ecology and evolution

* Species interactions

* Plant pathogens

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Roosa Laitinen

* Plant adaptation

* Natural variation

* Phenotypic plasticity

* Hybrid incompatibility


Anna Lintunen
Ari-Pekka Mähönen

* Plant growth dynamics

* Cambium development in Arabidopsis root

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Kristiina Mäkinen

Plant cell-virus-interactions

* Molecular mechanisms underlying plant virus infection

* Interplay between viral and host proteins during potyviral replication / translation cycle

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Anne Ojala

* Aquatic freshwater research

* Multidisciplinary carbon cycling studies

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Kirk Overmyer

Plant-Fungal Interactions

*Arabidopsis interactions with pathogenic and phyllosphere resident yeasts

* Genomics of yeast pathogenicity

* ROS in plant immunity

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Pauliina Palonen

*Crop physiology

*Winter hardiness of berry crops

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Mari Pihlatie

* Soil-tree-atmosphere interactions

* Greenhouse gas CH4 and N2O fluxes from soils and vegetation

* Biogeochemical cycles

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Minna Pirhonen

* Plant pathology & host defence

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Péter Poczai

* Museomics

* Historical DNA

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Albert Porcar-Castell

* Ecophysiology of trees

* Optics of photosynthesis: linking plant function to remote sensing

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Jouko Rikkinen

* Diversity, ecology and evolution of cyanobacteria, eukaryotic
phototrophs and fungi

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T. Matthew Robson

* Canopy Spectral Ecology and Ecophysiology

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Yann Salmon

* Tree ecophysiology and ecology

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Jarkko Salojärvi

* Bioinformatics, molecular biology and genomics

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Alan Schulman

Plant genome dynamics

* Retrotransposons as drivers of genomic change

* Identification of disease resistance and quality trait genes through functional genomics

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Maija Sierla

* Plant ROS signalling

* Stomatal regulation

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Fred Stoddard

* Exploitation of genetic resources for improvement of abiotic stress responses of faba bean

* Environmental impacts and ecological services of grain legumes in cropping systems

* Innovative food uses of faba bean and other grain legumes

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Priit Tammeorg

* Biochars and recycling fertilizers (including lake sediments) in crop production

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Teemu Teeri

* Flower development and secondary metabolism in Gerbera hybrida

* Heartwood extractives in Scots pine

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Jari Valkonen

* Virus-plant interactions and antiviral defense mechanisms in plants

* Enhanced molecular diagnostics and control of plant diseases

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Anne Vaten

* Stomatal development

* Stomatal plasticity

* Stomatal development in gymnosperms

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Timo Vesala

* Carbon, water and other biogeochemical cycles

* Biosphere-atmosphere interaction and micrometeorology of forests, wetlands, lakes and cities

* Water transport in trees and transpiration

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Michael Wrzaczek

Receptor-ligand signaling

* Molecular biology of plant receptor kinases and proteins

* Evolution of receptor families

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